Monday, December 7, 2015

My Delta Treasures/TIG:MIR

So two summers ago, my beloved sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc Celebrated a milestone! We turned 100 years old, and we celebrated HARD! From the Rose Bowl Parade, the Hollywood Gala, receiving footage on the "Today's Show",  A Torch Ceremony across SEVERAL states, getting a street named after us, etc. I was fortunate enough to witness MOST of the celebrations. I had planned for this for the past five years, and I told my hubby I wanted to be a part of this milestone. He was able to experience the joy of seeing his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, turn 100 years old, and wanted me to experience it as well. I was beyond excited.
I know several sorors have asked me about my "Delta Treasures. " Delta treasures are Delta paraphernalia that I purchased while celebrating in Washington DC and I posted my treasures in a previous blog post. When I get a chance, I promise to dig through my Delta Centennial Bag to see if I can find their business cards. (It's stored in my garage). At any rate, I wanted to dedicate this post to a soror who made some BEAUTIFUL items to sell to us during National Convention. Her company's name is Tig:Mir Fashion Forward Greek Apparel and her name is Cassandra Johnson.  Her items are BEAUTIFUL, EXQISIT, and ONE OF A KIND. I was kicking myself horribly when I found out her items were being sold at the Renaissance Hotel in DC. (There were three Major places where you could buy Delta Paraphernalia; Howard University, The Convention Hall, and the Renaissance Hotel). I went to Howard and the Convention Hall but never got a chance to shop at the hotel. At any rate, on the last day of the convention, I saw sorors rocking items that I have never seen before. When I inquired about the merchandise, I was TOO LATE! She was completely SOLD OUT. I asked her if she had any items left and she said she made them in small quantities so that sorors could feel special about them.  I wanted to CRY! She did inform me that she had just a couple of items left back in her hometown so I quickly got her card and made a point to connect with her after the convention.
I connected with her when I later got home and bought EVERYTHING she had available in my size. (Thankfully she had some items still available that she left at home.
Check out her "One of a Kind" Greek Paraphernalia:

Me rocking one of her items in South Korea. I received a ton of compliments.

All of the items that I have listed here are the items that I was able to purchase. I can't even tell you which one is my favorite because I love it all.  It was like Christmas/My Neophyte all over again. I am beyond HAPPY!!!!! She sells other Greek items as well in case you are interested.  She came out with new items last summer. They made their debut at National Convention in Houston. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the convention. However, I contacted her and made a huge purchase. I will blog about my new items in another post.
Check her out at  TIG: MIR

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  1. She is my favorite vendor! She has very unique items.