Monday, October 7, 2013

White or Black Greek Letter Organizations,,,,,Does it MATTER????

Hiya Readers out there!!!! I am currently on Fall Break from my school, so I am able to post this week. (YAY) Some of you have contacted me and informed me that you are currently going through MIP right now which is awesome, I wish you a wonderful journey into Greek-Land and some of you are anxiously awaiting for the signage to go up announcing Rush for next semester.

Now I know the name of this blog is Black Greek 101, however what if you are Black and you are thinking about joining a White Greek Letter Organization? Will you be looked down upon? Are their Challenges? Will you be considered a "sell out" amongst your friends?

Although I am a Delta, I am a member of SEVERAL predominately White Greek Letter Organizations. I am active in ALL of them except two, and they include:

Sigma Alpha Iota Fraternity Inc. (A Music Fraternity- I was the ONLY Black in our pledge class, and the only Black Member my entire time while I was on campus. I am happy to report I am STILL active and a member of the Alumnae Chapter here in town.)

Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Inc. (Service Organization- Once again I was the ONLY Black in my pledge class, and up until I graduated I was the only black in the organization. I am a Life Member and very active with the local chapter)

And the others were Honor Societies (too many to list) and Gold Key Honor Society.

When I made up in my mind I wanted to join Sigma Alpha Iota (otherwise known as SAI) color was never an issue. I knew it was a music org made up of predominatly  White women, but that didn't stop me for wanting to join. After doing research, and attending several chapter events, I loved how the women supported each other musically. Several of the members were already members of other Sororities such as Alpha Phi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Tri Delta, and many others. They said that pledging SAI was similar to when they joined these orgs. I never felt out of place, and at the chapter events, these ladies embraced me and did not see "color."

I experienced the same ordeal when joined Alpha Phi Omega. I love serving the community which drew me in to both Delta AND Alpha Phi Omega. My pledge class was 77, and although to some I stuck out like a sore thumb, my pledge class, pledge mom and pledge dad never made me feel that way. I loved how they embraced me.

Now these are MY experiences and I am not saying that if you are Black and want to join a White Greek Letter Organization, that they will embrace you the same, because chances are you may face some challenges. Even in 2013 I am sad to admit it still exists. Don't believe me?

Read the Article Here
Sorority Segregation At University Of Alabama

I believed I addressed in my first posting about how my college roommate was looking forward in rushing, and wanted me to rush with her. Although I had NO interest in pledging a WGLO, I went with her to support her. I will NEVER forget when we both went. All the houses were HUGE, with the Greek Letters on the outside, and by huge I mean they looked like Mansions. As we browsed from house to house, it was amazing to see these women, dressed in their heels, with cute sundresses trying to win over potential pledges. I don't think I ever seen so much FOOD in my life, and I mean there was food everywhere. Each house had a presentation of why their organizations was "The BEST" organization on campus, showing slideshows, videos, doing skits, etc. This experience was totally different than what BGLO have on campus. By the end of the night as my roommate and I were walking back to our dorm bellies full of some good eats, she was confiding that she narrowed it down to two Sororities. It was a tie between Delta Zeta, and Alpha Gamma Delta and she was praying to get a bid from both of them. Although the ladies didn't treat me as an outsider as I was one of the only "ones" that attended the rush event, I couldn't help but noticed that there were a few sororities REALLY PUSHING for me consider their "house" (which is another way of saying joining their org).

My Roommate ended up pledging Alpha Gamma Delta, and she loved every minute of it.  I will never forget the night she was chosen, her Big Sisters decorated our dorm room door, and gave her SO MUCH GREEK STUFF as a "welcome to the family" before she even started her process.  Everything we do is such a secret.  would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit envious, because this type of thing doesn't happen in BGLOs. The following year, I started a friendship with a girl who confided in me that she was interested in pledging. I ASSumed it was one of the BGLOs but she was actually interested in pledging a WGLO. She later ended up joining Delta Zeta and told me it was the BEST decision she ever made.  She enjoyed her pledge process, had a wonderful bond with her 65 pledge sisters. Her mom who is an AKA and her grandmother who is a Delta didn't understand and couldn't process why she decided to join a WGLO.

I say this, FOLLOW YOUR HEART! Joining a Greek Letter Organization to me is like picking your mate. You love, who love and Love has no boundaries when it comes to color. Just know that there might be times when you may face some adversities, but as women and men of color, that's just life. So if you have your heart of going against the norm, I say DO IT, because at the end of the day, YOU and only YOU have to live with this life-long decision.

Ciao for now!