Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood!!!!

                                                            Sisterhood by Women of Soul -D Glenn Daniel

Hello Everyone Out there! 

It's that time again. My timeline, twitter feed, Instagram is FILLED with pictures of people fresh off the sands.  So far I have heard from 127, yes ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN people who followed me on my blog and are now members of the Divine Nine. (Alpha, Kappa, Delta, AKA, and Zeta). This makes my heart warm. Enjoy being a Neo It's the BEST feeling in the world. Every single time I see a new member of ANY organization for that matter, it brings it all back for me. When my Big Sisters revealed that I they were no longer my Big Sisters but my sorors. When I was finally able to throw up the pyramid. When I formed my lips and did a loud Oo-oop! It was absolutely AMAZING! 

Although a lot of your have reached out to privately to inform me that you are now a "Proud Member" of ABC/XYZ, I would LOVE for you to share your excitement on this post. A lot of you have shared comments anonymously, (which is TOTALLY understandable), it would be great to see who you are. An extra bonus is to see you throwing up your organization's hand sign.

Now for those of you that didn't make it. I have created a post about this matter before, so I will just highlight a few things from a pervious post. It is okay to feel sad, mad, and confused. I would still suggest that you support the new members. You never know, those new members MAY be the very same people who will vote Yay, or Nay for you to come through their chapter. It's important that you show the new members your support. Let them know that although YOU are indeed happy for them. If it's too much for you to bear, then that's fine to. Crying helps, writing your feelings down in a journal, or diary help, or even talking your feelings out with someone that you trust. Getting over the fact that you are not a member of the sorority/fraternity that you dream up will take some time. Take all the time you need. My advice to you? Don't give up. It may not be your time now, but you never know what the future holds.