Saturday, January 11, 2014

Food in Seoul Korea/DST Sisterhood Conference

The Food in Korea was SO delicious, I decided to create a blog post JUST about the food. I can't wait to go back to Next Year.

We slept ALL day, so my girl was nice enough to run out to grab us some McDonalds. Now Grant it i will say that it taste NO WHERE NEAR the McDonalds that we are use to in the US, however it was good enough to eat since we didn't eat anything all day.

South Korean Money


This place was SO good we went back TWICE

Friday, January 10, 2014

Seoul Korea/DST Farwest Sisterhood Conference

I had an amazing time with my beautiful sorors at the farwest region International Sisterhood Conference. I wasn't even considering going until my principal (also my soror) insisted that I go. So glad that she did. We had a great time connecting with sorors from all over. We wanted to make the best of our trip, so we decided to fly in a few days early. This was a great way to shop, and connect with the Natives for South Korea. Oh did I mention where it was???? My bad, we went to South Korea.

When we first arrived, we stayed in this quaint little establishment where you need a code to gain access. We had bunk beds which was different for the both of us. The last time I slept in a bunk bed was when I was in college. Nevertheless, we got in late, but we were still on US time so it seemed like morning to us. We dropped off our luggage, took a quick shower and headed out for a night of fun.

I felt as if I was back in College again,,,,but considering we would only be there to lay our heads, I was fine with it. Also, we would only be there for three nights. When the sisterhood conference starts, we would then  stay on the military base. We just decided to go a few days prior to the conference so we could have some "us time, and shopping time." Just like College, I took the top bunk.

We walked down the street and found this CUTE little restaurant. We took off our shoes at the door, and sat at this cute little tables to order food. There were other natives there, and they were so friendly they came by to join us. It was funny because we barely knew how to speak Korean, and they were testing out their broken English on us. They came over to break bread with us...and we had a ton of fun!

This meal was DEE-LISH!!!!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter of Recommendation: Who Should I ASK?????

So I know it's that time of year where a lot of prospective members are scrambling trying to get everything in order for them to pledge XYZ Sorority/Fraternity. As I stated before, each organization has their own process/procedure when applying for membership. Most orgs will ask you for a letter of recommendation from an active and financial member. Here are a few tips I can give you regarding this matter.

1. Ask someone you KNOW! This is SO important! They need to know who they are writing a letter to. Do you know them personally? More importantly do you know THEM personally? You want them to "brag" about you, and how can they brag if they don't' know you?

2. Are they active and more importantly FINANCIAL with the organizations? I am assuming if you asking them then  you have seen them participate in chapter events such as community service events, fundraising events, etc. Why is this important? Well several organizations require that its' prospective members get a letter of recommendation from a "dues paying" member. Are you trying to ask someone who haven't been active for a while? Chances are, if they have not be active with a chapter, they are not financial. This will deem your application of being invalid.

3. Always have an A, B, AND C plan as to someone writing your LOR. (Letter of Recommendation). I say this because you want to make sure you can get in touch with the person, prepare yourself for possibly getting  a "no", or the you may find out that the ONLY person you relied on is not financial. When I joined what feels like many moons ago, I had ONE person in mind. My ex-boyfriend's sister. I spoke to her on the phone a couple of times, and when the time came, she wasn't able to write me a letter of recommendation. Well let me clarify, by stating when the time came, I meant when I felt COMFORTABLE asking her, it wasn't like I needed it for an upcoming rush or anything like that. Then I met and grew close to another member at my job while we both were working as sales associates at Marshall Fields. It was funny because I ended up transferring to the school she pledged at. Two years later when I asked for an LOR, I found out she was inactive. DANG! So disappointed, but THANKFULLY I had a C plan. And this Soror was more than willing to write me a letter of recommendation. I found out many yrs. later that she NEVERS write a letter of recommendation for ANYONE, so the fact thats he wrote me one tells me that I made quite an impression on her.

As for me???? I have been asked 25 times to write a LOR, and how many have I written? 1….YUP JUST ONE! I am very picky on who I choose to write a letter to. I have to really know you to write you a letter, and I just don't be writing letters all willy nilly.

3. The moment  you find out you want to join XYZ organization, find out who you would like to write your letter of recommendation. This is important and will allow you figure out if they fit number 2 and if not, hopefully you can talk to them openly about any suggestions that they may have as to who could write you a letter.

4. GIVE the recommender plenty of time to write your letter. Asking at the last min might result in delays of the chapter receiving your letter, or the person saying they don't have time, or just a point-blank NO!

These are the top FOUR I would suggest you follow when asking for a LOR.

Wishing ALL the prospects for Spring 2014 all the best! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

HAPPY 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to ALL of you who crossed over into Greek Land Fall Semester. I have received emails from followers who are now my sorors, Zetas, AKAs, Iotas, Kappas, and Alphas.

It's 2014, which means a HUGE celebration for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. As I stated in my first post "Journey to Greekland" I have a ton of relatives in the "Blue and White" family.  I am truly excited for them, and I can't wait to see my Facebook "blow up" with a ton of posts from my family and friends of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.  It just seems like on yesterday when my sorors and I were blowing up everyone's newsfeed on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with posts about us turning 100.

I have received a ton of requests from neos if I can create a few posts about the "Life of Being a Neo" If you want to see more posts about this,,,, please replied to this post. Also, let me know what you would like to know.