Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy New Year....

Okay, so I realized we are almost in the THIRD month of 2012 but Hey with my hectic schedule, I couldn't post in the Month of January, OR February for that matter since tomorrow is leap year.
I have received a lot of Thank You's for starting this blog.....And well....You're welcome! I enjoy blogging about things that I love...Greek, my relationship/family, and my journey of being a successful Opera Singer. These last few months have been a world wind with a lot of things going on, (all FAN-TAB-U-LOUS things of course) and I didn't have anytime to write any new Greek postings lately. Glad you guys are enjoying the subjects and for the FIRST TIME EVER, if you would like for me to blog about something specifically,,,,please respond to THIS post by submitting a reply asking me and if there is enough interest around that topic, I will post about it. Since this blog has been up three years ago, I have received almost 600 Thousand hits!!!! YAY!!! So obviously there are ton of people out there who want to learn about BGLO's.......So I am thrilled I am able to provide you with as much info as I can.

As I stated before, this blog is VERY general, and does not specifically target one organization, but ALL! Every org has their own "specific" requirements that you must have, and as always I recommend that you visit their national website for the requirements....

In the meantime be on the look out for more posts.....I know it's that time of year again,,,,,RUSH, Interviews, Packets, etc....so I am wishing you all MANY blessings as you prepare for this journey, and when you make it please let me know. I would LOVE to hear from you! Since starting this blog 3 years ago, I have seen 218 people cross into Greekland! *You know who are, and CONGRATS again*

Ciao for now!