Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Got Questions???? I Got Answers! (Part I)

Hello out there! It's been a while since I last updated my blog! Things have been hectic with school and all, but now that things are winding down, I am able to answer a few of your questions that you posed on my blog.

1. Q. Now that I am in graduate school, does that mean I can no longer apply for membership into a Black Greek Letter Organization?
A. No, that does not mean you cannot apply. Most BGLO have Alumnae membership intake. This requires that you hold a Bachelor's Degree from a College and University and you have graduated with the minimal, yet required GPA needed for membership. I have many friends, and sorors who have went through the membership intake process at the Alumni/Alumnae level.

2. Q. I am the first person in my family to attend college. How can I show interest so the members on the campus know that I am interested in joining their organization?
A. I have answered this question time and time again. The BEST way for the members to know you are interested in joining their organization is by attending their events. Trust me, after while they will notice your face, and realize that there may be interest there on your part.

3. Q. I am BEYOND the average undergraduate age. (Over 25). Do I still have a chance of becoming member through undergrad?
A: Yes, As long as you meet the requirements, you have chance of becoming a member. None of the BGLO discriminates based off of age, race, or religion.

4. Q. If my mom, aunt and sister are all members of XYZ org,  can I automatically become a member of the same organization?
A: If you have family members that are members of the organization who wishes to become a member of, then I would suggest that you speak with them. All BGLO have certain rules in terms of "legacies" Your best bet is to talk to your family member to see if the organization they belong to honor legacies.

5. Q. Who can write my letter of recommendation?
   A. This can be best answered at the informational/RUSH. At the information/RUSH they will go over the details about who can write your letter of recommendation. Side note: I would recommend that you ask for a LOR from a person who you know PERSONALLY! I have been asked to write over 10 letters of recommendations, and how many have I written? TWO! 

6. Q.  What happens if the chapter that I want to join is suspended or just coming from a suspension? How can become a member after the suspension is up?
A. Generally speaking most BGLOs have it set up where the nearest Alumnae/Alumni Chapter is in charge of bringing back the chapter. The best advice I can give you is to keep your eyes and ears open. If a chapter is coming from a suspension and the Alumnae/Alumni chapter voted to revive the chapter, trust me you will know about it through fliers, social media, programs, social activities, community service opportunities, etc.

7. I want to join XYZ but they have never had a chapter on my campus. Can I still join? 
A: That is indeed a possibility however it's a long process. First, you need to get an approval from the College/University. You also need to reach out to the nearest chapter in the area. (Alumnae/Alumni Chapter). Starting a new chapter is not only time-consuming, but VERY expensive. 

8. Do I have to "Step" to join?
A: I get this question quite often. No you are not required to "Step"

9. I do not have the required GPA because I experienced a family tragedy, I took a class that was too hard which killed my GPA, or my teacher gave me a grade that I did not deserve. What can I do?
A: Nothing. No, let me take that back, FOCUS ON YOUR GRADES! I have said this before, and I will say it again.  You are not in college to pledge. You are in college to get a degree. So I will once again say to focus on your grades for now. If you are able to pull them up, then, and only then, should you focus on pledging an organization. 

10. Q. I can't find anyone from the organization that I want to join to write me a letter of recommendation. What can I do?

A: Nothing at this point. Take a year to get to know the members from the organization. This can vary from attending events, performing community service events with the orgs, etc. Most of the BGLOs requires it's prospective members to receive a letter of recommendation from one of its members. So I would suggest that you get to know them. Oh and this doesn't have to be from the chapter that you are seeking membership from. This could include your past teachers, members of your church, neighbors, etc. If you do not know any members, then you are not putting yourself out there enough. 

If you have any other "burning" questions, drop a comment here and I will try to answer them in my Part II