Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Beautiful Delta Finds…...

So while I was in DC, I did some MAJOR paraphernalia shopping. I saved for this moment for three years….YUP, I had a special "Delta Savings" account separated from my other savings and checking accounts. The great thing about going to National and Regional Conferences are VENDORRRRRSSSSS!!!!! (In my Oprah Winfrey Voice).

At first I was VERY disappointed because they gave us "color coded" bracelets and we were only allowed to visit the vendors during a particular time frame depending on our color. This sucked for me since most of my times were during choir rehearsals. At any rate after getting over my disappointment, I decided to make the best of the little time I did have.

Two days later, they made a decision NOT to worry about the color bracelets and would just monitor how many people they would allow in the vending hall at a time. This was pure music to my ears. I was finally able to hit the vendors on day three, and I wanted to go with my ships. One was on her way back home to the Chi, so it was imperative that we all went together.

We just finished touring Howard, and my feet were KILLING ME! The first thing I was on the hunt for was Delta Slippers. Thankfully my one of my ships found me a pair. My feet were thanking me as I stepped out of my heels and into a piece of what seemed like heaven.

After stepping into heaven, we spent a  couple of hours in there until it closed (12 am) and I must say that we found some EXCELLENT para. So glad I saved my money for this moment. When I walked in and saw soooooo much Delta Red, My eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree. I didn't even know where to begin. During that time, I knew that I made the bEsT decision of saving up for this very moment. Since this is the LARGEST convention, Delta decided to have three different locations for Vendors which included Howard Bookstore, the Renaissance Hotel, the Convention Center (which is where we were).

The funniest thing that happened was I ordered a special made Delta chair for myself right before the convention. I wanted it for the "Deltas On the Mall" function with  Singer "Brandy", but the owner of the shop, and I played phone the week before I was leaving for DC.  The shop was in Chicago and after missing each other I decided to try to connect with them when I returned home. Imagine my shock when I stumbled upon it at the Convention Center in DC while we were shopping. At first I was like, Wow that's my chapter name, and then I was like, wait, that's my Ships' name, And then when I saw the crossing date and my line name I was like WAIT, THATS.MY.CHAIR!!!!!!! I whipped out my Credit Card to pay for it, but the owners were like PLEASE it's the only one we brought from Chicago and I am getting a lot of orders because of it. I told them sure but laughed hysterically. We both decided that we would connect after the convention, so they could continue advertising my chair.

 My Personalize Delta Chair

When I returned home, we finally connected again and I am happy to report my chair made it back to me in one piece. Another great thing is they gave me a NICE discount since I allowed them to advertise.

Two of my ships bought this BEAUTIFUL case, and I am kicking myself for not getting one for myself.

I ended up finding some cute AKA (Yes, as in Alpha Kappa Alpha) stuff for my sister-n-love. She has always been there for me, so I couldn't pass up treating her with some pink and green.

Three hours later, I purchased quite a bit of stuff for myself……Here are a few photos of my Delta Finds…..I haven't worn them all as of yet, but I am looking forward to it. It was wonderful browsing the vendors. I just hate I only went to two of the three locations. (Howard and the Convention Center). I never made my way to the Renaissance Hotel and found out later that they had the BEST items there. (Go Figure) Thankfully, I was able to get a list of vendors there and connect with them online after the convention. I bought some CUTE "Delta Couture" from a vendor TMIR...Will post about that later especially for those of you are considering pledging Delta, AKA, Omega, or Kappa.  I bought EVERY SINGLE ITEM she had. Once again, none of the pictures below feature her items, as I feel she deserves her own post, ;-)

One Small Portion....
My CUTE Delta Key Chain, Bracelets, and Necklace  

This is PERFECT for my Desk at School!  

I got a STEAL on these shirts, especially my "High Maintenance" High Heel Shirt

I love my new Delta mirror compact and bracelet! 

My Collective Delta Haul

I ended up buying a few hats, Shoes, 2 Jackets, 6 Shirts, 4 Sweaters, a Plaque, Watch, Pens, Pencils and a host of other things…... You name it; I bought it! :-) I felt like it was crossing night and I was at my neophyte celebration all over again. It was WONDERFUL!

Worth the Wait!!!!

Hello, Inspiring future Greek-ers!!! (Okay so I know that's not a word)
With the Fall Semester behind us,  I know most of you are gearing up for hopefully becoming a member of XYZ Sorority/Fraternity next semester (For those of you in College) or in the Spring (For those of you inspiring to join an Alumnae Chapter)

This is a time where your nerves may kick in, you are on the watch for flyers posted around your college campus/or in the community, or depending on the organization you want to join, you are praying that someone will sponsor you and ask you to an invitation only Rush. (The latter usually happens only at the alumnae level only)


Well, I think I covered most of it in my previous blogs……….But here is one thing that I can't stress enough, make sure you triple, quadruple check your application. I have heard a lot of sad stories where people were denied based on the fact that their application was not complete. Also, make sure you KNOW the person who is writing your letter of recommendation. Another horror thing I heard was people getting letters of recs from INACTIVE members. Now the members should know better than to write you a letter of rec, knowing good-n-well they are not financial.

(Financial- Members who pay dues annual to the organization) That's why it is better that you ask someone you are close with, someone you know Personally to write you the letter of recommendation. I have had some prospective members ask me HERE on this blog if I would write them one. Umm….I don't know you like that. Sure you sent me an email every now or then (and some that was the FIRST email they sent me) but I am not writing a LOR for anyone I don't personally know. Now there is one lady that I have established a relationship with since I started writing this blog four years ago. She was a  Junior in HS back then, and we have too many emails going back and forth to count. She also friended me on FB. Since then I felt as if I know her, and if SHE was to ask my write her one, I might consider it because I feel as if I "know her."

Get your finances in order. Now do I have to tell you that? I hope not! I would hope that the moment you decided to join a Greek letter organization, you started to save up. Also, make sure you know that IF you are chosen, being a member can be quite expensive. I can't even tell you how much money I spent on Delta….from national dues, conventions, conferences, etc. so be prepared!

All the other stuff is covered in my previous blogs, be there on time, dress to impress, etc.

Good luck to you all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! I hope to receive a ton of emails from you stating that you crossed into (insert_greek_letter) LAND!