Friday, October 14, 2016

Why Pledge? (PART I)

Pledging a Greek Letter Organization was one of the best decisions I ever made. Some may ask me why? What is "so special" about becoming a member of one of the Divine Nine? Well first off, although I am a member of the Divine Nine, I must also note (as I have done before) that I am member of other Greek Letter Organizations. Several of them mind you. So here are few reasons of why I enjoy being a member.

1. The bond that I have between my line sisters. When I first met my line sisters I didn't know them. NONE of them. We were all strangers put together, with different backgrounds, majoring in different subjects in college,  but we all had one common goal. To become members of the same sorority. It was scary at first. Well at least for me it was scary. This was only because I was a very shy person. I am also VERY cautious of who I allow in my personal space. I didn't know these women from Eve, yet I knew that was about to change. I realized after being chosen that I had to let my guard down in order for me to get to know these women. We grew to not only know each other, but respect and LOVE each other. It was beautiful. The experience that I had with these women, I would NEVER trade for anything else. They had my back, they dried my tears, they held me down, they encouraged me, and they were, and still are my support system.

2. The bond that I had with other Greeks. When you become a member of an organization, it's more than just the "Three" Letter across your chest. You now have this AMAZING Divine9 community to bond with.  The love you are shown from the Greek community is amazing! We support  each other including going to each other events, participating in community service projects together, going on road trips together, as well as bonding together.

3. Becoming a member allowed me to have Leadership opportunities. I  have held various offices with my sorority including President, Vice President, Chaplain, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Chapter Photographer. It was a joy working with other members in the chapter. These qualities have helped me after college, in my career, and in other facets in my life.

4. Shopping! Okay, so this is like a shallow answer, but hey, I can't talk about being member of a BGLO and not talk about Paraphernalia! As a young girl, there was this cute little Store in Evergreen Plaza (Chicago, on 95th and Western) and my mom use to shop at one of her favorite stores called "Montgomery Ward." Right across from Montgomery Ward there was a these cute Black Store that sold Greek Items. While my mom would shop in MW, I ask her if I could go across the isle to the store. They had the CUTEST things in there. Elephants, Plaques, Shirts, Jewelry, Books, Art work, etc. When I FINALLY crossed, my oldest sister bought me an elephant from that store. The reason why I TREASURE that elephant so much, is for two reasons. ONE because my sister purchased it for me, and 2 that store no longer exist (Evergreen also doesn't exist anymore) and it brings back so many memories of when I would go to the store and daydream about purchasing items from there.  Since crossing I have bought SO much Pari it's ridiculous. LOL! But truth be told all of my items have a story behind them, and each story is precious and unique. The story ranges from my first elephant, my first jewelry, my first shirt, etc.

5. Connections! When I first moved to Arizona for school reasons I first became a member at large. This means I am no longer affiliated with a chapter but I am financial with the National Chapter. After a year I found a chapter and transferred my membership from being a Membership at Large to a member of my local chapter. While I was in the last semester of my graduate degree, another local chapter of my sorority invited me to sing at our Joint Founders Day event. I performed and a few weeks later a soror from the chapter contacted me to see if I taught music. I thought she as asking because she wanted to know if she wanted me to go to a job fair with her. Turns out, she was a brand new principal with a brand new school opening up in the Valley and wanted me to apply. Nevertheless I  applied, interview and was given the job. She was an amazing boss. The only thing we had in common before she hired me was we were sorority sisters. After hearing me sing she contacted me to see if I also taught music. After working for her for a year, we grew very close to the point of traveling to South Korea with each other for a Sorority International Sisterhood event together.

That's all I will list for now. Watch out for Part II!

Ciao for now!


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Coming Soon to a Campus Near You.................

I love this time of year......April is always the month when my social media accounts is filled with pictures of New Sorors/Sistergreeks/Fraternity crossing over into Greek-land. This weekend alone, I have seen over 15 Delta Chapters post pictures of their new members. My heart is warm. I also received email msgs from people who have followed my blog send me pictures of themselves in their paraphernalia. (18 Deltas, 5 AKAs, 2 Zetas, 3 Alphas, 1 Omega, and 3 Kappas to be exact so far). Although this is a time for celebration, and happy tears for some, this is also a time of sadness, and/or bitterness for others. This can be due to not making "line" receiving a letter of rejection, and not understanding how she made it and you didn't. I have addressed this in my blog before, so I won't rehash what I have already stated, but just remember there is always next time. Not making "line" the first time is NOT the end of the world....It will just make the time when you DO make line, that much sweeter, TRUST ME!

If you have a friend/family member that just crossed into GreekLand, congratulate them. Tell them you are genuinely  happy for them.  You never know, that may be YOU next year. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Founders Day Celebration.....

I was so excited today to attend my chapter's founders day celebration. It was fun, festive, and educational. Originally were going to have Soror Daphne Maxwell-Reid as the guest speaker, but unfortunately she had and emergency and she had to cancel at the last minute.  Thankfully we were able to secure Past Second Vice President Chelsea Hayes. She was AWESOME!!!! 

The entire day was filled with positive energy, love and sisterhood. We also had an opportunity to give back to the community. Our Community Service Project; Blessing Bags. We were able to put together over 150 bags for the homeless and those re-entering society following incarceration.

Sorors hard at work!

The Finished Product

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thank You!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone.....

These last few weeks have been hectic on my end, but I am so happy it's FRIDAY!!!! YAY! (Praise Break) I enjoy my weekends. I will especially enjoy NEXT WEEKEND! My darling husband told me to pack my bags, take Friday off and we are going on a mini-vaca for V-day.  It's been a while since we have been able to do a couple's getaway, so this is long-overdue.

I had to make a post tonight, to simply say "Thank You." I realized on this evening that this blog has reached one million views. WOW! I am so grateful that people are finding my posts interesting and filled with information.  When I started this blog, I never dreamed of it reaching that many views to be quite honest. There are other BGLO blogs out there, as well as YouTube videos I'm sure, however you all made this possible.

So.......I am taking special requests....What other things would you like for me to discuss on this blog?

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Myth of Pledging Part I

Happy Friday Folks!

I hate being sick. First my oldest brother spent the Holidays with me, and he brought his California cold with him. Then my darling husband caught his cold, and NOW I caught HIS cold. Being sick is for the birds. My hope is to spend the weekend in bed, drugged up on Nyquil and feeling hopeful that I will be able to shake this cold.

I hope your new year is off to a great start. I am down 8 pounds, so I am thrilled! I decided to blog tonight about the myths about pledging. And there are plenty. So let's just dive right in.

Since I am over 25, and I am still working on my undergraduate degree, I have to wait and pledge a graduate chapter once I graduate from college.

MYTH!- I had stated before in my "Journey to Greek life" that one of my line sisters was well in her 30's when she joined. I also have a dear friend of mine that pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha with her mom! She was 19, and her mom was 43.

To join a BGLO, you need to step.

MYTH! Stepping is just a small part of being a member of a BGLO. Truth be told, I know a lot of sorors that have NEVER stepped, and/or strolled after becoming a member. It's just a perk of becoming a member, definitely not a requirement. If you feel you have two left feet, or stepping isn't your thing, don't worry about it.

I can ask anyone to write me a letter of recommendation.

MYTH! -When I was interested in becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. I will never forget stumbling across "So you want to be Delta" written by BeeJae Jackson-Bulter. In her blog, she wrote that you should ONLY ask someone who personally know you. Someone who you can trust. She even went as far to say, someone, you would feel comfortable with leaving them along with your husband.

You need to give up your life while pledging....

Well, it depends. Giving up your life is relative. What do I mean by that? Learning about the organization, taking and passing the tests to gain membership, bonding with your line brothers and line sisters, takes a lot of time. If you are going through MIP at the undergraduate level, it will take a ton of your time. The only thing you will have time for is school work, studying, hopefully, a part-time job, and that's it. If you are going through MIP at the graduate level, then outside of your full-time job, children, spouse, etc.

The hardest part of pledging is ....well.....pledging.

MYTH- Everyone knows that the real work begins AFTER you join the organization.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Now that I have crossed the sands.........What's Next???

So you finally became a member of your dream sorority/fraternity. You are on cloud nine! You feel like a celebrity with everyone on social media congratulating you. People who you don't even know, now know you. They know you by name. Now, what??? What are the next steps?

Well, first I would tell you to enjoy being fresh off the sands. You are Geeked about your coming out show (Some refer to it as NIP, New Initiate Presentation). Your hair is on fleek, you all look fabulous in your outfits together, you have rehearsed and perfected the show. You can't wait to reveal yourself to your campus/community.  You earned it! You deserve it.  This is your time! Enjoy it!
How do you balance work and fun? Can you have both? Of course, you can! When I first became a Delta, I was a nerd regarding wanting to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. I read our ritual, page by page, cover to cover as if it was a juicy Zane novel. I wanted to find out everything about the founders, the organization, the history, etc. Sure I learned a lot when I was going through the membership intake process, but I wanted to know MORE!  I wanted to be knowledgeable before I attended my first "official" Delta meeting.

Look I get it, you're excited, passionate, you want to learn everything. You also wish to join every single committee, run for an office, and get your hands dirty.  No shame in that. I was that girl. My first year, I was on several committees, the chapter president, participated in every step show, became the step-master, and on TOP of that, I had school and a part time job. I was a bit overwhelmed but loved every minute of it.

My best advice? Take it slow. Only YOU know how much you can handle. Remember that membership in these organizations is a lifetime commitment, so there is no rush to join every committee under the sun all at once. Especially as a neophyte. Don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to get involved, but don't overwhelm yourself. The one thing that I have seen from other neophytes from various organizations including mine is they joining every committee and within five years, they are burnt out. Brace yourself. Sign up for a committee or two. Make sure the committee you DO sign up for is one that you would enjoy doing. Case in point, if you love planning, then fundraising might be your thing. Have a lot of ideas for community service? Bingo! Do you love meeting and working with people? Membership would be perfect for you.

Congratulations on your membership. Don't overextend yourself, you have a lifetime to make a difference.