Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrating 100 Years of Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service

I can't believe it's ALMOST here! I can't contain my happiness, geekness, thrillness and everything else "ness" (Okay yes I am college educated and trust me, I know I just made up those words) but I am beyond happy about celebrating with my sorors this wonderful milestone.

I dreamed about this day after I crossed, ,,,,,,,,I prayed that I would be alive to see this day and God willing I will be. I can't wait to reconnect with my shippies (line sisters) my chapter (undergrad AND grad chapter) and connect with thousands, and thousands of sorors nation wise to celebrate this joyous occasion. I haven't felt this excited since I crossed Delta Land over a decade ago. At first I thought about pulling out old paraphernalia that I have stashed away, but then thought to myself, this is a PERFECT opportunity to shop and buy NEW things! So now I am on the hunt of buying a brand new suitcase, to fill with new goodies when we hit DC.

Our Centennial falls on me and my loving husband's anniversary, and as excited I am about attending, I REFUSE to spend our wedding anniversary without him. We made a vow we would NEVER spend two important holidays apart,,,,Christmas, and our Wedding Anniversary. Although he tried his best to convince me to just go and spend time with my sorors, I told him, NO, we made a vow and I am sticking to it. I love Delta, but it's no where near on the level of how much I love him. He didn't want me to feel guilty about attending all the Delta events, and leaving him behind, which is why he suggested that he stayed home. But I refused!  So this will be a wonderful vacation for us both. Although I think its sweet that he stated, we can spend our anniversary together, on the other 6 days that we are there, I can just spend with my sorors/ships and he will be just fine. (Oh how I love that man) With this being our 100th, I am sure there will be plenty of other greeks (especially HIS fraternity brothers, (Alpha) to keep him busy.

I have been planning for this financially for THREE years!  Yup Three years! (opened up a Delta Centennial Savings Account)  So glad I did because with the cost of registration, staying at the convention hotel, flight, and purchasing subscription event tickets such as the gala, stepshow, gospel fest, and social action, I would be broke, LOL!

The countdown is on, so for the next few posts, I will just be posting about my feelings, and my time in DC. After July we will return to the normal programming schedule and I will post about Greek Life in general but for the next month of so it will be ALL.ABOUT.DELTA!

Cia for now!