Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If First You Don't Succeed........

Brush yourself off and try again, you can dust it off and try again, try again!!!

When me and my ships came out on the GLORIOUS BEAUTIFUL day April 21st, This was the song we came out to. It was BLAZING real loud at the commons, a hang out college hot spot! Filled with a lot of people that was interested in who was "online"for Delta. Why did we choose this song? Many reasons! For one there were several of my shippies (line sisters) who tried again and again to make the Delta Line and they finally did. There were also some who tried submitted their application for Delta for MY line did not make it, and later was rocking pink and green from head to toe! There were some who didn't make my line but still wanted to be a Delta. So we felt this song was perfect in letting the yard know that if you first you don't succeed to just dry and try again.  For those of you that have never heard of this hot song made my Aaliyah, check it out below.

This week has been quite interesting! In the Greek World, BGLO Greeks and non-Greeks have been talking about the lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. From what is all over net, Two Young Ladies, Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield is suing Howard University and Alpha Kappa Alpha because they felt their quite "Human Rights" were violated when they were not chosen for membership because they are legacies!  Now I have spoken about legacies before,  and how a lot of legacies feel "entitled" to become a member simply because their mom, stepmom, aunt, grandmother, etc are members.  I can't believe the mom wanted Alpha Chapter to "hold up" the pledge process until a decision was made, and her daughter was on the line. REALLY??? So you want to stall it out for the other 65 ladies who made line, so your ONE daughter can make line? Talk about selfish! Yeah I said it, just plain SELFISH!  Thankfully the chapter is still going thru their process, and in a few weeks, there will 65 brand new members of Alpha Kappa Alpha on the yard at Howard University.

Thankfully Delta Sigma Theta does not have "such a clause." In this case I can't figure out if it's the daughters who feel entitled or the mom. I say this after an interview with one of the moms and daughter discussed this in an interview this past weekend. Check it out for yourself. 

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A lot of people have been weighing in on this topic. My take on it? Why can't these young ladies just wait until AFTER they graduate from Howard and pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha Alumnae Chapter?  I can understand that they are both seniors in college, but membership in these organizations are a lifetime commitment, so why not just wait and try again then? I get it, it's ALPHA CHAPTER, the chapter of ALL CHAPTERS, but still, your AKA is not going to be any bigger or smaller if you join an Alumnae chapter right?

My husband and I and a couple of friends of ours had this debate this past weekend. As I have stated before my hubby is an Alpha, his friend is ALSO and Alpha, my friends wife is an AKA. We all pledged undergrad chapters in orgs. We had another couple join in, one who is a Zeta from an Alumnae Chapter and her husband is interested in becoming Greek as well. We all shared our thoughts on this pending lawsuit and how ridiculous it is. I mean suing because you didn't get picked? REALLY?????  Our Zeta friend stated that although she doesn't agree with the lawsuit, she can understand the anger that these ladies have. She wanted desperately to join an undergraduate chapter she wasn't able to because of some "issues" she was having in the chapter. So I asked her if she felt any "different" because she pledge Grad/Alumni Chapter and she said she has. she doesn't feel the "Love" when she goes back to his school, and she tries to connect with them, and they won't allow it. After probing a bit more, I found out that she tried to be apart of the undergraduate process when they were having membership intake. HUH??? Now What Now? All of us just looked at her like she was crazy. So I told her, that maybe because it's not her chapter, and it could be possible that they felt she was trying to be a wannabe. I then said be PROUD of your process, and stop trying to create something that isn't there. Her response was she got it, and her husband broke it down for her on how that is NOT COOL! 

But I nevertheless, I understood her point which  was at the undergraduate level at college campus, you have "chapter traditions," and get to know the chapter members more since you are all on campus together, you get to bond more with the members, etc. He went on to say, with his process, it was more learning the info, and her and her LS's have lives, jobs, family, and other more important obligations other than spending the night at the club house to go over information.  So they only got together during sessions and that's it. She went on to say, it's not just pledging at the undergraduate level, but these ladies were trying to join ALPHA chapter. Their parents joined Alpha Chapter.

While I was listening to her, I understood her point. If my daughter tried to join MY chapter and got turned down, I would a little upset. (Especially since I am VERY active in my undergrad chapter till THIS day) however I would NEVER EVER, EVER EVER EVER EVER (In my Chris Rock voice) Sue Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. What does accomplish??? Absolutely nothing, AND it can hurt her chances of ever becoming a member in the future.

So to all of my followers, if you don't make it TRY AGAIN! And to you legacies??? Don't get sue the organization because you didn't get picked! That's just plain ridiculous and you will ALWAYS and FOREVER be known as THAT GIRL! I am sure Lauren, and Laurin are really going through a lot right now on the campus at Howard University. Thankfully they are both Seniors in College, and this will all be over for them in May after waking across that stage!

After watching this video from the Huffinton post, which I will post below I think these gentlemen (A representative from Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, and Omega Psi Phi) and this young lady (Alpha Kappa Alpha) got it right! It's just plain ridiculous!

It will be quite interesting how this all plays out!