Sunday, April 10, 2016

Coming Soon to a Campus Near You.................

I love this time of year......April is always the month when my social media accounts is filled with pictures of New Sorors/Sistergreeks/Fraternity crossing over into Greek-land. This weekend alone, I have seen over 15 Delta Chapters post pictures of their new members. My heart is warm. I also received email msgs from people who have followed my blog send me pictures of themselves in their paraphernalia. (18 Deltas, 5 AKAs, 2 Zetas, 3 Alphas, 1 Omega, and 3 Kappas to be exact so far). Although this is a time for celebration, and happy tears for some, this is also a time of sadness, and/or bitterness for others. This can be due to not making "line" receiving a letter of rejection, and not understanding how she made it and you didn't. I have addressed this in my blog before, so I won't rehash what I have already stated, but just remember there is always next time. Not making "line" the first time is NOT the end of the world....It will just make the time when you DO make line, that much sweeter, TRUST ME!

If you have a friend/family member that just crossed into GreekLand, congratulate them. Tell them you are genuinely  happy for them.  You never know, that may be YOU next year. :)