Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chapter Suspension/Probation

So you are interested in joining XYZ org, and you just found out that they are either suspended /or on probation. So what's a girl/guy to do? Nothing! I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if the organization that you want to join is suspended and or on probation then there is absolutely nothing you can do. In some cases there are fines that need to be paid, and more than likely you will have to wait until the time has passed. Most BGLOs have now posted information regarding chapters that are either on suspension or on probation. I would suggest that you visit their national website to see if your chapter is listed.

In the meantime, continue your community service, focus on your academics, getting involved on your college campus. You can also join the organization of your choice at the Alumnae Level. There is also a chance that the chapter might come back on campus before you graduate.

If the chapter's suspension is up, and the fines have been paid and they are still not on campus, then your next step is to contact the nearest alumnae chapter in the area. Chances are, they will have a say on if they want the chapter to return. Sending a friendly email, or a phone call stating your interest is the first steps.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The Interview"

I received quite a few questions around "the interview process." If you receive an interview to join an organization, chances are your packet was complete, and congrats are in order because you made it to the next step! People that do NOT receive an interview typically have an incomplete packet and are not granted an interview.

Once you have completed your interview, the waiting begins....Depending on the chapter, the wait can be very VERY long! This can be due to how many people the chapter needs to interview, the voting process, and verifying other qualifications (such as letter of recommendations from community service, and LOR from an active member (for example for Delta you have to you are required to provide a letter of rec from a financial member).

I have seen cases where the interview process ALONE can take up to TWO weeks, and after each interview is completed, the verification process begins. So if you have interviewed for a fraternity and/or sorority and haven't heard anything, don't freak out! Chances are they are still going through the motions of verifying info, still interviewing prospective members, get approval from the regional director, etc...

After the interview, I would recommend that you keep yourself busy oppose to stressing out about getting chosen. You will end up pulling your hair out if you don't.

Most chapters will inform you in a form of a letter if you you were not chosen for membership.

Fraternity Sweethearts....Will this help my chances of getting picked???

Alpha Angels/Sweethearts, Sigma Doves, Que Essence/Pearls, Kappa Diamonds/Sweethearts,... etc.... Depending on your college, many fraternities have what are known as "sweetheart" organizations. Prior to a few years ago, these organizations were maintained by the fraternity. Now they have all became "incorporated" and have distant themselves from fraternities all together. Back when I was in school, many girls thought that if they wanted to be Deltas, then they had a better chance by pledging/joining "Que Essence/Pearls. Let me stress that joining these auxiliary groups will NOT put you a step closer in becoming a member of the sorority of your choice. On the contrary in SOME cases it may hurt you. There are some cases where girls just want to join these sweetheart groups simply because of the love they have for a particular fraternity. For the most part however, I have seen so many cases where women feel that they NEED to join these auxiliary groups in order to become a member of its "sister" (and I use this term loosely since the only TRUE brother and sister Greek Organization is Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta)

How do I feel about these orgs? Well considering my stance of being an Alpha Sweetheart, I think joining them can be a great thing as long as you are doing it for the RIGHT reasons! For some like myself it means helping the fraternity out by volunteering your services (helping run programs, community service, helping out with voter registrations drives, etc..) But as I stated before it REALLY depends on your college campus. I have seen it where the Sigma Doves and the Zetas HATED each other. When the Sigma Carnations (sweethearts) crossed over, the Sigma gave them jackets, with line names, numbers and they hung out with the Sigmas all the time. Even at Greek parties the Sigma sweethearts would stroll with the Sigmas. This would cause so much confusion because people would sometimes confuse the sweethearts for Zetas. As you can imagine the Zetas were not happy about this at all.

So here is some advice, before joining a sweetheart organization, do some research. If you find you really want to be a member of Zeta Phi Beta, and they despise the Sigma Sweethearts, then maybe it's not a good idea to join the sweetheart organization. Petty I know, but remember we ARE women and women CAN BE petty! I recall at one particular school where there was a huge conflict between the Deltas and the Que Sweethearts!

Sweethearts can also include MEN auxiliary groups as well. There are MIAKAs, Delta Gents, Rhomeos, etc....Joining these groups will NOT guarantee you a spot in the fraternity of your choice as well.

Remember, although joining an auxiliary group can be fun and exciting for college, it's not worth sacrificing your desire in joining a Sorority or Fraternity if there is a conflict with the sorority of your choice.

You've Been Accepted!!!!

It's that time of year again, and I felt the need to post a blog and CONGRATULATE those who have received an invitation to join the organization of their choice. If this is you and you have been following my blog, I would love to hear from you. So with that being said.....

CONGRATS! Your dreams have finally come true! You can't believe it, you were FINALLY accepted and within the next few days you will become an MIT (Member in Training,, back in the day we use to call this a "pledge") You are overcome with emotion and you can't believe that in a few weeks, or months (depending on your organization and/or process) you will be a member of the organization you dreamed about.

As much as you would like to shout it to the world, call your family, friends, boo, roommate, etc...I would advise against it. Instead take this time to prepare yourself for what you are about to face ahead. If you are a student, your life is about to change because your study habits are going to increase drastically. Although I can't speak for all organizations, I can tell you that the Tests that you have to take AND pass for Delta is NO JOKE! I swear I felt as if I was taking the ACTs/SATs all over again. If you are joining an alumnae chapter, time management will be your best friend. Although I didn't pledge (or join) Delta through an alum chapter, I can only imagine trying to balance a family, work, and school (if you attend school part-time) household, et.c....... But many before you have done it SUCCESSFULLY, so I am sure you will have no problems fitting it all in your schedule.

Once again congratulations, and I hope you treasure and value your process. I know I did and wouldn't change one thing about it! Learning all that valuable information about my organization, my beloved founders, and my chapter was an experience that I will never forget.