Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chapter Suspension/Probation

So you are interested in joining XYZ org, and you just found out that they are either suspended /or on probation. So what's a girl/guy to do? Nothing! I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if the organization that you want to join is suspended and or on probation then there is absolutely nothing you can do. In some cases there are fines that need to be paid, and more than likely you will have to wait until the time has passed. Most BGLOs have now posted information regarding chapters that are either on suspension or on probation. I would suggest that you visit their national website to see if your chapter is listed.

In the meantime, continue your community service, focus on your academics, getting involved on your college campus. You can also join the organization of your choice at the Alumnae Level. There is also a chance that the chapter might come back on campus before you graduate.

If the chapter's suspension is up, and the fines have been paid and they are still not on campus, then your next step is to contact the nearest alumnae chapter in the area. Chances are, they will have a say on if they want the chapter to return. Sending a friendly email, or a phone call stating your interest is the first steps.


  1. Hi! Your blog has helped me out a lot during my sophomore year of college! However, I've been having some worries lately and would like to ask you for some advice! My mother, father, and brother are all members of Divine Nine fraternities and sororities, and I would love to join one as well for a list of reasons. However, although I am almost halfway done with this year, I have not yet fully decided what I would like to do. My mother is a Delta and although this is what I was originally leaning towards, the Deltas at my school are currently off the yard. Because of that, I went to quite a lot of AKA events/parties, simply to be social and explore my other options. I fear that people are seeing me as a "K Be Out" (heard this from a friend), a phrase I previously hadn't heard of. Now that the time for the Deltas to come back on the yard is slowly approaching, I fear that they won't accept me because I went to so many AKA events. May this be true? And if so, what can I do to turn things around if I really do want to go through with Delta Sigma Theta? I love your blog and would like to thank you in advance!

  2. You must go to Famu

  3. Would you have any information on intake after suspension? The chapter at my university has been suspended for a while now but they will be off suspension next month. Since the alumnae chapter would be ahead of intake, I was wondering if they did things differently? Also how do I go about contacting them to express my interest in the organization? What do I say without sounding too forward?