Friday, January 10, 2014

Seoul Korea/DST Farwest Sisterhood Conference

I had an amazing time with my beautiful sorors at the farwest region International Sisterhood Conference. I wasn't even considering going until my principal (also my soror) insisted that I go. So glad that she did. We had a great time connecting with sorors from all over. We wanted to make the best of our trip, so we decided to fly in a few days early. This was a great way to shop, and connect with the Natives for South Korea. Oh did I mention where it was???? My bad, we went to South Korea.

When we first arrived, we stayed in this quaint little establishment where you need a code to gain access. We had bunk beds which was different for the both of us. The last time I slept in a bunk bed was when I was in college. Nevertheless, we got in late, but we were still on US time so it seemed like morning to us. We dropped off our luggage, took a quick shower and headed out for a night of fun.

I felt as if I was back in College again,,,,but considering we would only be there to lay our heads, I was fine with it. Also, we would only be there for three nights. When the sisterhood conference starts, we would then  stay on the military base. We just decided to go a few days prior to the conference so we could have some "us time, and shopping time." Just like College, I took the top bunk.

We walked down the street and found this CUTE little restaurant. We took off our shoes at the door, and sat at this cute little tables to order food. There were other natives there, and they were so friendly they came by to join us. It was funny because we barely knew how to speak Korean, and they were testing out their broken English on us. They came over to break bread with us...and we had a ton of fun!

This meal was DEE-LISH!!!!!!!

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