Saturday, April 29, 2017

Welcome to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood!!!!

                                                            Sisterhood by Women of Soul -D Glenn Daniel

Hello Everyone Out there! 

It's that time again. My timeline, twitter feed, Instagram is FILLED with pictures of people fresh off the sands.  So far I have heard from 127, yes ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN people who followed me on my blog and are now members of the Divine Nine. (Alpha, Kappa, Delta, AKA, and Zeta). This makes my heart warm. Enjoy being a Neo It's the BEST feeling in the world. Every single time I see a new member of ANY organization for that matter, it brings it all back for me. When my Big Sisters revealed that I they were no longer my Big Sisters but my sorors. When I was finally able to throw up the pyramid. When I formed my lips and did a loud Oo-oop! It was absolutely AMAZING! 

Although a lot of your have reached out to privately to inform me that you are now a "Proud Member" of ABC/XYZ, I would LOVE for you to share your excitement on this post. A lot of you have shared comments anonymously, (which is TOTALLY understandable), it would be great to see who you are. An extra bonus is to see you throwing up your organization's hand sign.

Now for those of you that didn't make it. I have created a post about this matter before, so I will just highlight a few things from a pervious post. It is okay to feel sad, mad, and confused. I would still suggest that you support the new members. You never know, those new members MAY be the very same people who will vote Yay, or Nay for you to come through their chapter. It's important that you show the new members your support. Let them know that although YOU are indeed happy for them. If it's too much for you to bear, then that's fine to. Crying helps, writing your feelings down in a journal, or diary help, or even talking your feelings out with someone that you trust. Getting over the fact that you are not a member of the sorority/fraternity that you dream up will take some time. Take all the time you need. My advice to you? Don't give up. It may not be your time now, but you never know what the future holds. 


  1. Hello Soror Vicki! I have been following your blog for a long time now - I was so thrilled when I found it online because there was little information about joining a black sorority, especially at the alumnae level. I was mostly a lurker, although I posted a couple anonymous comments here and there. The information you gave was so helpful and even though I've never met you, your spirit is so warm and generous. In any case, your posts helped me so much through my journey and I am so proud to say I am now a soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.! My 12 beautiful line sisters and I crossed just two days ago.

    Thanks so much for making this blog! I eagerly awaited updates and I loved reading your stories about your process applying, convention stories, and timely advice to aspirants. I still will since I know the journey is just beginning!!

  2. Hello! Your blog has been so helpful to me ! I read your tips throughout the pass two years ! I am proud to say that last week i recieved my acceptance letter into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc ! Spring 2017 will be so much PRETTIER really soon ! Thank you!!

  3. Hello. I have followed your blog for YEARS! I even read so many of your replies on Yahoo Answers years back. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have provided to all interests like me.

    I am happy to report that on last weekend, after over 10 years of wanting to be a member, I was finally initiated as an Alumnae member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated! It's still so surreal and I keep waiting to wake up from this dream. I am a legacy and it was a tearful & joyful moment for us both as my mom pinned me. Thank you so much Soror for your help!

  4. The last time my University had a line of the sorority I am interested in it didn't hurt as much and I was truly happy for my immediate peers (Entered University the same Year)and their line sisters and I was at least considered. Because so many of them were my peers they all knew I or could assume I had interest (I went to all of the events and made sure I was there early) but this new line that they just had hurt me deeply. Unlike last time I was not even considered and I am a graduating Senior so I will not have an opportunity to join the collegiate chapter that I supported and be chapter sisters with those I looked up to from freshmen year or my peers. Needless to say it has been hard and I have not gone to any events since the coming out show for the New initiates. I start graduate school in the fall in a new city and I hope to try to build a relationship with the alumnae chapter there and pursue membership but I am still hurting and I don't know if I can take another rejection.

    1. If this Sorority is in your heart, do not give up. I know of folks who were literally rejected two or three times, and then crossed in an alumnae chapter. It is hard, fearing rejection is scary. You can do it! Keep your community service hours up,& take a chance in the new city that you are moving to. Good luck!

  5. Hello, I am interested in joining black greek life. I am currently an undergrad. I have went to two informationals for the organization that I am interested in, but I have trouble making it past this step. How can I make the next part easier for me when I do not know any of the members? How do I go about trying to get to know them?

  6. If you know you want to be apart of abc organization but don't know any alum in abc organization well enough to ask them for a letter of reccomedation what do you suggest doing? Should I contact the president of said organization and present my dilemma? Please help