Thursday, December 31, 2015

Perp Alert!!!!!

A perpetrator: To inappropriately and unjustifiably wrong another, particularly -but not necessarily- knowingly or maliciously. According to the urban dictionary, a perpetrator is to front. "To fake it 'til you make it." In Greek Word, a perpetrator is someone who "Claims" to a member of an organization and they are not a member.

I have no idea why people perpetrate. I, for one, could NEVER fake being a member of an organization for several reasons. Not only because it's wrong, but what if I get caught? What if I ran into someone from the chapter I am "claiming" to be a member? I have come across several people who have claimed to be a member of my org, only to find out they were perpetrating. It's NOT WORTH IT! First of all the Greek community is very small. We are a tight community and just a phone call away.

I met one young lady "claiming" to be in my org, only to later find out she wasn't. The suspicion started when she began to say things that just didn't make any sense. When I tried to invite her to a chapter meeting and told her that I met some of her sorors from the chapter that she "allegedly pledge" she seemed nervous and never wanted to attend. She always came up with a reason she could not attend chapter meetings due to her busy schedule. Now I did not fault her about that, trust me, as a performer, student, and full-time teacher I get it! I just could not figure out why she was so nervous about attending a regular chapter meeting. If you can't come, then just say you can't and keep it moving. What brought everything to a head is when she was confused about her crossing date, she couldn't remember who the national president was when she crossed, and many other things. The only way I found out that she was not a member was one day at an event, a soror mentioned that her undergrad chapter was having a chapter reunion. I told her that I would inform my friend who also crossed her chapter. I was finally able to bring them together, and she started to ask her questions only to find out she was a perp. The girl admitted that she never pledged, but wanted to so bad and thought that it wouldn't be a big deal to "perp."

Look, DON'T PERP! It's not a good look, you will eventually get caught, and it speaks a lot about your character.

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