Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you out there! I can't believe it's the end of 2015, and in two days it will be 2016. 2015 was an incredible year for me, and I am looking forward to another year (God-willing). Thanks to all who have followed me this year, and I am humbled from all of the "Thank You" emails that I have received. A lot of you have asked me why did I decide to create this blog? Well, I think I made it well known that once upon a time I was in your shoes. A little girl, trying to understand this thing called "Greek Life." I had no idea where to turn, who to go to, and where even to begin. This generation, however, is blessed that you have this thing called the "internet." 

I hope all of you had successful 2015, and I wish you all a fantastic 2016. I spent the holidays with my family, and one of the main events that I was thrilled to become a part of was my Chapter's annual "Kwanzaa" event. It was truly a blessing to be amongst sorors, family, friends, and other members of the Divine Nine to Celebrate Kwanzaa. My family was in town visiting me, and this was their first time experiencing Kwanzaa, so I was happy that I was able to share his first experience with them. 

I am now on the verge of finishing up my last 2015 newsletter (I am the corresponding secretary, and part of my responsibilities is to compose and send out a monthly newsletter) and I am gearing up for Founders Day next month. I can't believe that my sorority will be 103 years old next month. As I am typing this post, I am looking my beautiful Christmas Tree, and I am sad that in two days I will be taking it down.

Now that 2015  is winding down and the new year is heading our way rather quickly, you know that that means right???? RUSH! INFORMATIONAL! NEW MEMBERSHIPS! INVITATIONS! NERVES! SPRING 2016 INITIATES!  I am sure are anxiously awaiting for that special flier on your campus/college/university/community so you can attend. For those of you preparing to go through membership intake training, I want to wish you all the best in your journey. Hopefully, this blog was able to help guide you in some way. If you do have the pleasure of crossing those "burning sands" and you have followed me on my blog, I would appreciate that you either leave a comment or send me an email. I have been known of sending neophyte gifts to those who I have established a close e-relationship with. 

Until 2016,

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Holidays 

Ciao for now,


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