Monday, September 7, 2015

Sister, Sister Greek Episode


I came across this episode online, and it brought back SO MANY MEMORIES! I will never forget when it first aired. I was in college, and I had my VCR (YES VCR) set to tape all of the Sister, Sister episodes. I was staying in the same dormitory hall as my boyfriend (Now hubby) at the time, and since he didn't have a TV, I gave him my TV and VCR since I spent a lot of time in his room. I stayed on a floor above him, and my roommate had TV, and he was an RA (Residential Assistant) with a single room. My roommate had a TV, so I had no problem allowing him to use my TV and VCR.

At any rate Sister, Sister uses to come on Sundays on this particular night I went to a Sigma Alpha Iota Rush, so I didn't have time to watch the episode when it aired. The next Morning I came downstairs to my boyfriend's room to watch Sister, Sister, and I started to scream when I saw those BEAUTIFUL letters across the screen. Delta Sigma Theta. My poor husband almost fell out the bed (HE was still sleeping, and didn't realize I was in the room) from my screaming. I was like OMG, A Greek episode. You have no idea how many times I watched this episode and kept it on tape. I even went as far as taking the taps off the VCR tape to ensure that I wouldn't accidently erase the tape. According to my husband, I am SUCH as Greek-head. (He has been calling me that for YEARS)

I love this episode and want to share it with you! It brought back SO many of me sitting on my hubby's bed back in college, grinning from ear to ear. I just KNEW that Tia and Tamarra were going to pledge a Greek letter org while they were at Pepperdine University. I guess I was wrong.         


  1. I noticed a sign for rush a day late due to my work and class schedule. It said the packet can ONLY be picked up Wednesday and Thursday from the advisor..... It's Friday. Is there no use in contacting the advisor for a packet? ):

  2. Hey! I've had your blog bookmarked since last semester when I realized wanted to join a fraternity. Most recently (in the last two weeks), I've attended the interest meeting, had my interview and awaiting notification from the organization. Your posts really helped me!

  3. Good Evening,
    I tried looking for your email with no luck, so I just decided to comment. I enjoy your blog and have basically read all your posts! I am very interested in becoming a member of one of the 4 sororities of the Divine 9; however, I am a little curious on some things.

    1. I'll be transferring from a community college in the Spring of 2016, and I do not want to assume they will have a line for Spring; however, do you suggest I sit out until they have another line, or just go for it this Spring

    2. As far as community service goes I'm involved in varies organizations like Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Circle K Club,  Alabama Possible Blueprint Mentoring Program, and a few others. I also am an unpaid intern for our states Congresswoman. I know the minimum is to have 3 continuous months of community service; however, which organization would be ok to use to ask for a letter of recommendation for when the time comes?

    3. With that being said would my internship for our congresswoman count as community service, or not?

    I am very determined and passionate about joining  this particular sorority, and I'm trying to have my ducks in a row, so when that time comes I am very prepared. If you could please assist me and give me your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  6. Hey! How can get in contact with you ? I have question to ask and I don't know who else to go to.

  7. Hey just wanted to say thanks for the blog. I've followed you for some time now and I finally became a AKA! Skee-wee!

    1. Congratulations! Just like you have been following her blog for several years now. I am also a prospect for Alpha Kappa Alpha! I can't wait to Skee Week back......If you don't mind me asking, did you pledge undergrad or grad?

  8. How do you deal with other people who are also trying to pledge? I am quiet until I get a feel for you and who you are (which is a weakness of mine). I sit near girls all of the time at events who are so mean and talk about every girls outfit as she walks by or give stank faces to everyone or they say things just to talk, not because they care or have a clue about what they're saying. I don't like the idea of not being genuine with everything I say and do and it seems like other people will do literally anything and I don't know if that's how I should be. I am only in my 2nd semester at my university but I am a sophomore. I am considered a transfer student. I am involved on campus, I volunteer, I work two jobs. I don't have a leadership position of any kind. I do not know what I should do or if I should even continue to pursue membership at times just because I love what the sorority stands for , I just don't feel like I am acting like the girls around me who are trying to pursue it. I am just not into prejudging people based off of what I 'think" the sorority wants ,I think that is wrong. At the end of the day the girl being judged may end up making line over the girl who thought she had it all. I don't know what to do.