Sunday, September 6, 2015

If these are your reasons for joining a Greek Letter Organization.......Just... Don't

Part I

People have their agendas of why they join several organizations.  If these are one of the reasons for why you want to join a Greek Letter Organization, then, just, Don't!

1. Joining ABC or XYZ Org will make me popular. NOT! Joining any organization will NOT make you popular, no matter HOW popular the group is on campus. Being popular should not be a reason for joining ANY org. Some people fall into the trap of choosing an org based on their popularity status on campus. I have said this in my previous posts, and I don't think I can say it enough. Just because a Greek org is poppin on your campus, does not MEAN it's poppin everywhere else in the US. You want to make sure you evaluate your reason of why you want to join.

2. Pink and Green, are my FAVORITE colors, so it is destined for me to become a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha.  Or I HATE the color Blue, so Zeta is completely out! Now What Now????  Yes, I have heard this before. Although the colors were chosen for each org for a particular reason, this should NEVER be a determining factor on you joining or not joining a Greek letter org. My BEST friend is an AKA and her favorite color is and ALWAYS have been RED! YES, RED!  Although I am a Delta, I have a lot of Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow in my wardrobe! Don't join any org based on their colors, that's just silly!

3. I will get some major play from the fraternities members (or sorority members) if I become Greek. Ummm.....I know PLENTY of GREEKS that have dated and MARRIED their spouses who were NOT Greek. I don't know why anyone would think they have to become Greek to get noticed by other Greeks. When I started to date my boo, he was not Greek. I was not Greek. Sure he wanted to become an Alpha. However, I fell in love with him because of who he WAS as a person.

4. I want to step, and everyone knows that XYZ are the BEST steppers on campus. *Crickets* Now what now????? It reminds me of an old episode of "A Different World" when Kim was pledging Whitley's organization, and when asked why they wanted to join, one of the pledgees answered "Cause no one Steps like the......" Joining ANY organization should not be based on how the org steps on campus, or how many step shows they have won in the past. Now for those that know me personally, knows that I LOVE to step! I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVEEE to step, however, to step never even crossed my mind when I decided I wanted to join my org. It wasn't until AFTER I joined that I realized my enjoyment of stepping on a stage. Stepping didn't become popular until the 80's and newsflash, these Greek Letter Orgs had existed Waaaayyyy before stepping became famous. Nowadays you don't even have to join a Greek Letter Org to step. SEVERAL groups step. So if you just want to step, just enter one of them.

5. Joining XYZ will help me land a job or a career. Okay, although I must admit that having these connections will at times get you in the door, at the end of the day, YOU still have to prove yourself.

6. Your Dad, Grandfather, Cousin, and Uncle are Alphas. Or your Mom, Aunt and best friend are Deltas. My next door neighbor is a Zeta Ummm Okay????? Just because you have a few people in your family that are in this organization, doesn't mean you need to pledge the same Greek Letter Org, or better yet pledge at all.  I have personally witnessed family members telling their loved ones that they NEED to join their org, or if they pledge anything, it must be their org.  Case in point, don't join a Greek Letter Org so you can fit in at your family reunions, or do it because you feel it will bring you and your family closer together.

There are several other reasons on WHY YOU SHOULDN'T join a Greek Letter org that I will talk about in another post, but I felt that I should highlight a few reasons. Joining any organization requires time, money, and most important commitment! So before you decide to join, THINK....What are the real reasons for why you want to join?

Hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Hi there. I was just reading your blog. I'm a random undergrad at GMU. I really wanted to join the Deltas since my sophomore year. Now that I will be graduating soon it's kind of disappointing that we STILL don't have Deltas on campus. I love what the sorority stands for. I love the sisterhood between soros. I cannot see myself joining another sorority/fraternity besides Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Do you know of a way I can bring the chapter back onto campus?