Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hello Out There!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

It seems like it's been forever since I have blogged, so I felt as if I should reach out to check on you guys. Things are going well on my end; I am just busy, busy, busy!!!!! I am enjoying my career as a teacher (I teach orchestra, chorus, musical theater, and steel pan). This is my second year teaching in a different school district, and although it is an entirely different demographic that I am used to, I LOVE IT! I LOVE my students, and more importantly I am blessed to be teaching only about five mins from my house. Don't get me wrong I miss my old students SO MUCH, and thankfully they still keep in contact with me. They will ALWAYS be my babies, and it's great that now and then I receive a text from them asking me how things are going on my end.

Okay, so NOW back to the reason I have decided to blog! I really miss blogging to my perspective Greek family! My sorority is about to start up again, and I am ready to serve as best as I can as a member. I am entering my second year as my chapter's corresponding secretary, and I love it! The only thing I hate is my current and past hectic schedule has prevented me from getting more involved, and I am hoping that it will change shortly.

So what's new with you all? I have received several comments from some of you about being nervous about entering college life as freshmen, and how you want to make a great first impression on campus and so on. I am praying that a lot of you have a great and successful school year. Just a few thoughts I want to put out there:

Your priority should be your academics. Yeah, I know I probably sound like your parent, but it's true. If you are an entering freshman, things can be a bit overwhelming for you especially if you are attending an institution away from home. Your first year is SO important regarding securing a good, solid GPA, so I have three words, DON'T! BLOW! IT!!!!! You can still have fun, and enjoy your freedom of being in college, but do not allow your academics to suffer.

2. Get involved! Scope out the Student's activities building (if you have one) and find out which activities you want to join. This can range from Student Government, Gospel Choir, Black Student Union/Organization, etc. It's best to start to get your name out there, so people know who you are.

3. Be careful on the company that you keep. You want to be mindful on who you are hanging out with on a daily basis.  Remember the saying "Birds of a feather??""" Very true. You might not
want to kick it with the girl who is considered the one that "gets around on campus" a lot, or the school's gossip, etc. Your rep is EVERYTHING in college!

4. Don't be a fraternity groupie! What is this you may ask? Girls you hang around the Frat house more than their own house/dorm room. You don't want people to get the wrong idea of the type of person you are. Sure it may be innocent, but to the outside world it's not cute!

I pray that all of you have an enjoyable and SUCCESSFUL 2015-2016 school year.

Until then,


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