Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Anxiously, Awaiting.....

So you are interested in joining a Black Greek Letter Organization, and you want the members to know you. To like you. To know that you exist. There are certain ways you can accomplish this without being pushing, and annoying. I will never forget when I first joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. I was a neo, fresh off the sands, and I remember feeling GOOD! The organization that seemed so far within my reach, and NOW I am a proud member. I had just returned from summer break, and looking forward to a brand new school year. I think I mentioned before that my school's tradition was we could NOT buy any Greek Paraphernalia until we had our Neophyte Show (Which was not until that FOLLOWING FEB). Thankfully I had some wonderful friends who purchased me some cute stuff until then.

At any rate, I was just elected to be the president of my chapter, and I was ready to get to work. Although I expected to be known on campus (I wasn't before, but now that I was a brand new member AND the president, EVERYONE knew who I was). What I wasn't expecting was the pushiness of some of the females on campus. Some were pushier than others, but I remember this ONE girl who stood out. She would write notes and stick them in our mailbox. She would call me all the time, be standing outside of my classes when the class was over. It as a bit much. At first I just took it as she was VERY interested in joining and wanted to get to know me. But after a while, I became a bit concerned. This was especially scary when she asked me what I wanted as a Neophyte gift. I thanked her but told her it was not necessary to buy me anything. (I BARELY knew this chick, and I was NOT trying to get into trouble by accepting "gifts" from her. I mean, what if she tried out for membership and didn't get it? She could say that I PROMISED her a spot on the next line if she bought me gifts. No sir, I was not going to take that chance.

Case in point- Look, I get it! You want to be a member of XYZ SOooooooo BAD! You envision yourself wearing the letters, strolling/strutting at parties, performing community service, having brand new sisters/brothers, etc. I understand, I have been there. But there is a way to do things. You NEVER want to come off as "stalkerish" That's NOT a good look, and will NOT get you in. Let your work shine for itself. Allow the members to get to know you FROM your work, your leadership, your dedication, your grades, your community service, etc.

The Funny thing is, I was watching the Judge Mathis show on yesterday while cleaning my house (since we had the day off for Veteran's Day, btw thank you Veterans for your service) and one particular episode caught my eye. There were these two ladies that was suing each other. They met when one of them wanted to pledge the other's sorority. Although the one that was "pledging" ended up dropping line, what stood out to me was the one that was already IN the sorority stated that the girl who was looking to join was trying to "buy her way into the sorority." This brought back SO many memories of when I was in college, hence why I decided to write this post.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get to know your "future sorors/frat" but there is a way to do it.

I hope this all makes sense!

Have a WONDERFUL week and I promise to blog more often....Also, I just started a fashion blog as well. I LIVE for fashion, so if you are interested, please follow me there as well. I will post my outfits for the day (OOTD), cheap fines, Thrift store finds (I LOVE going thrifting, you find some gems when thrifting), etc.  My blog is Amore4fashion. I hope you join me over there! My hubby is going to join me in this adventure and take pictures of me wearing some of my finds.

Ciao For Now



  1. I would really like to know your thoughts on the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, inc. MIP moratorium, or moratoriums in general, and what does it mean for those that are interested in membership (besides the obvious).


  2. gah I want to pledge so bad. I've been trying to express interest without seeming desperate. the only bad part is that all of the deltas at my school have graduated, so there aren't any deltas on the yard at all which makes it difficult for me to speak to one in person. I'm still excited though! I have my grades up, community service on point, and letters of recommendation waiting lol.

  3. Hello,

    My name is Zanaiya and I am currently a junior in high school in the state of Kansas. Recently the reality that I will be going off to college pretty soon is hitting. Along with finding the right college for me I have been thinking about the huge commitment of joining a sorority. All my life I have wanted to be a member of DST as I watched my father hop with his brothers of Omega Psi Phi ! But there are only so many questions he can answer for me. I was ecstatic when I came across your Black Greek 101 blog ! There are so many questions I still have and I would love if you could answer them for me.