Saturday, October 31, 2009

When will they have a line????

Will they have a Fall Line? Spring Line? A line every year? Next Year? I know you are anxiously awaiting to see that "special flyer" that says "Rush and/or Informational.

Trying to figure out when the chapter is going to have intake can be exhausting, and stressful. There is NO way you will ever know if and when the chapter will be having a membership intake process. In some cases, some chapter will host MIP only during spring, or fall, or I have also seen it where they decided not have a line at all for that particular time. And I have seen cases where a chapter that typically have a fall line, for many many years, decided to change it up and have a spring line. Having a "line" (as people call them) really depends on the chapter, if they receive approval from the chapter's advisor, regional director, etc. There is a lot of "behind the scenes" that has to take place before the chapter can even decide to have a membership intake process.

I know many people try to follow the whole " well, they normally have a line during the odd years, or even years, or only in the fall , or spring." My advice? Don't follow these trends, because you never know,,,,the chapter just might switch it up a bit.



  1. The chapter here at my school still hasn't had a RUSH. It March 2nd, should I stop looking or continue to be patient.

  2. Do you have to be formally invited to their informational?

  3. I am waiting for an almunnae chapter to have intake. They haven't done it in close to ten years. *sigh

    1. I know this is an older post, but just keep the faith. The chapter that I had contacted had no website and they didn't really publicize public activities. I literally stopped thinking about it, because it had been over 6 years since my inquiries went unanswered, but out of the blue I received an invitation to rush in December. I attended the rush and submitted my application. Praying for an interview at this point.

    2. Wow! This is helpful. There may be hope for me.