Friday, July 12, 2013

Centennial Celebration in DC/National Convention Recap Day 2

I didn't get much sleep, but I am up EARRRLLLYYY in the AM dressed and ready to get my sing/praise on with my sorors at Choir practice. After kissing my wonderful husband goodbye, I headed down to the lobby to catch the Delta Shuttle (Which is a GREAT Shuttle btw) to head to the convention center for choir practice.

Once I got to the convention center, I was embraced by some SANGIN sorors! It was wonderful, and we sounded SO good! Being a member of a White Church back home, I forgot how beautiful a  traditional Black Church sound.

As I was in rehearsal, I was envious because my Ships were kicking it hard on the Mall.  But then when we started praising God all that envious-ness (I know SO not a word) went out the window. We had a GOOD OLE FASHION time praising God through song. Once we were finally done, and I exchanged phone numbers and emails with several sorors,

I went on a 10 min break. Not only was I a member of the Centennial Choir, but I was also a member of the Praise Team and were meeting for rehearsal. I texted my ships, and I found out that the line at the Verizon Box Office was CRAZY, and I needed to pick up tickets soon for the Stepshow, Signature Gala, and Gospel Fest.  I was afraid that I was not going to get there in enough time to pick up me and Hubby's Tickets.  I guess I had favor because when we finished rehearsal, I RAN to the box office and there was NO LINE!

I got home, quickly changed for the step show and the hubby, and I caught the Delta Shuttle to the Verizon Center for the Step show. It was GREAT to see so much crimson cream in this place. I was told that the step show was SOLD OUT and seeing the crowd outside while waiting for the doors to open only confirmed it.

Once we FINALLY got on the inside, we scrambled to find some great seats since:

A: The show was sold out, and
B: There was general seating

Thanks to my darling husband, he found us some FABULOUS seats, so I was able to capture some awesome pictures. The crowd was hyped, the DJ was on point, and you could feel the excitement in the air.

                                                           A Small Potion of the Crowd

A little clip I recorded right before the Show Started!

After Groovin to the music, and watching my beautiful sorors stroll in their seats, the show finally started with my 2nd Vice President, Soror Chelsea C. Hayes!


                             She was later joined by the rest of the National Executive Board

   Soror Kym Whitley and Kappa Alpha Psi member "Uncle Tommy" were both Co-Host of the Stepshow. I felt they both did a phenomenal job!

Overall I enjoyed the step show, and I felt my sorors brought the HEAT! I have way too many pictures to post, so I will give you a small taste of each chapter.


                         ^^^^The Winners of the StepShow, The Mighty Midwest ROCKS!!!!

In the Middle of the Stepshow, the "Uncle Tommy" one of the co-hosts asked the crowd who was the Oldest Delta in the Room. This YOUNG Lady was the "Oldest Delta Member" in the Crowd, and he was fantastic enough to present her with a $500 check!

When the show was finally over, My Boo and I hauled out of there as fast as we could to beat the crowd (Epic Fail) and headed back to the hotel to meet my Shippies! I was sad that I couldn't hook up with them at the step show, HOWEVER, we made plans to meet up back at my hotel after the show to go to Club Delta. My hubby was SO SWEET enough to allow us to have the hotel room, so they came up, we changed clothes, showered, laughed, reminisced and got dressed up to hit the club. 

Right before we hit the streets, my ships and I did a pose right in front of the elevators!

When we finally got to Club Delta, we ran into other Chapter Sorors, and it was GREAT seeing them as well. 

When we walked into the Renaissance Hotel (The Host Hotel/Club Delta) we were greeted by TONS of Greeks from All Organizations. (Kappas, Alphas, Ques, AKAs) It was lovely!  The Bar was featuring a special drink in our honor.

We ran into a few frat brothers who were from the South, and we had some GREAT conversation. Although we didn't have the opportunity to attend Club Delta since it was over by the time we got there, we had a great time conversating with sorors and people in the lobby.

We took the rest of the evening just to bond with each other.

My night FINALLY ended around 4 am. I needed to get in a quick "nap" because I needed to catch the shuttle to the convention center for our Opening Ceremony. I knew I was going to be tired, but hanging out with my shippies was priceless!

Next Post: Day Three!!!!!!!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I was hoping to be there in DC and have the same experience but I was regected. Nevertheless, I am pushing forward and hoping to cross those burning sands someday. I can't wait to read about day three.