Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And the Countdown Begins.....

This has been a busy week for me and just came back from his National Convention in Austin Texas. My National President was there, and was given the highest award by Alpha. As always my president represented Delta quite well, so charismatic, witty, and funny! Austin was HOT and HUMID, and I can't believe in less than EIGHT days I will be joining 50K sorors in DC. (Actually it just might be more than that).

I am EXCITED and NERVOUS at the same time. My loving husband will be joining me on this occasion. Originally I was going to go solo, until I realized it was during our Wedding Anniversary. Since we have been married, we have NEVER been separated on our special day, and I couldn't imagine not being with him. I was with him when he celebrated his Centennial with Alpha, and I would LOVE for him to be with me.

I already decided to pack someone light since I know I will spend a ton of money on Delta Paraphernalia, and Other Greek items for my friends.  Some feel that this is vacation for them, but not me. I am going to not only celebrate our 100th, BUT more importantly I am going to take care of Delta Business! I am also happy to report that I will be singing in the centennial choir. What an honor to share my voice with other sorors.

Some of you have emailed me and I promised to get back to you as soon as time allows. This summer has been an extreemly busy summer for me. I was named "Teacher of the Year" at my school, I was the Summer School Principal, Alpha Convention, Choral Director's Conference, Kappa Delta Pi Convention, Educational Leadership Conference, AND I had to plan a birthday Celebration for my Mom in Chicago a few weeks ago. (Which was a HUGE success and she was SO grateful how me and my siblings pulled it off).

So I will go back to the regular schedule program AFTER our national convention but in the meantime, I will TRY my best to post nightly about convention since some of you have asked. (That is if I am not TOO exhausted)

Many Blessings,




  1. I can feel your excitement! Lol! Congratulations on being named Teacher of the Year! This was my first year teaching, although I wasn't named teacher of the year I was named Teacher of the month. There's always next school year. Lol! Anyway, have a blast in DC, I know it's going to be an awesome event.

  2. Thank you Jennifer and CONGRATS on being named Teacher of the Month!!! What a huge accomplishment for you.

    1. Thank you! And I forgot to mention that I watched the church service online back in January and it was AWESOME!!!!!! From the choir to praise dancers and my favorite - the wonderful violinist! She made me want to play again, and I will one day......