Friday, April 19, 2013

It's that time of year again!!!!


I have received TONS of emails from my viewers telling me that they crossed into DeltaLand, AKALand, AlphaLand, SigmaLand, and ZetaLand.

I promise I will respond to your emails individually, but I wanted to dedicate a post to ALL of those who crossed into GREEKLAND! To all my sorors, sistergreek friends, and greekfriends who are Fall '12, Spring '13, YOU.DID.IT! Take it all end, and enjoy this moment! I relive this moment every year on April 20th and even though I do, nothing compares to the day I crossed! Nothing compares to the Week, I crossed, the MONTH, the YEAR! It was an experience I will never forget and neither should you.

Also for some of you, be prepared for your life to change. You are not just representing yourself, but the organization. Hold them letters up PROUD! There are many that would LOVE to be in your shoes. Also and more importantly NEVER EVER forget how it felt to be on the "outside looking in." I know so many people that forget that once upon a time they were a prospect wishing, hoping, praying and as SOON as they get those three letter across their chest, they change.

DON'T change, stay true to who YOU ARE! Do not let the letters MAKE YOU!

I promise to respond to all of your exciting emails this weekend, personally welcoming you to GREEK LAND! Have fun for now, but be prepared to work!

Enjoy being a Neo, it was one of the best time in my life when I became Greek.


  1. It's still so surreal that I finally crossed those sands into Deltaland! But hey, it's only been 12 days! LOL! :-)

    1. I am sooooo happy for you Soror! I hope you enjoyed every single min of it. Were you able to go to DC this past summer?

  2. Congratulations!

  3. A friend of mine just crossed Delta Sigma Theta and I am so proud and happy for her! I'm still waiting my turn hoping I'll be blessed enough to be chosen to become a member of the sorority I'm interested in.

  4. I can't wait until this is me. I have been following your blog since I was in HS and now that I am in college, I really feel that next year is my YEAR! It will be surreal like Quiet Zone stated to come back on here to say I crossed! Thank you so much for sharing your story to us! It has been very inspirational!

  5. Hi ,I have known since hs I wanted to join a greek organization.My freshman and sophomore year of college I didn't join because i knew by the end of my sophomore year I would be transferring colleges this past year was my junior year and as my senior year approaches I wonder is it too late to join, do I even stand a chance in the selection process. I am working on my community service, I am a council member of another organization on campus and my gpa is improving I'm not at a 3.0 anymore but it is raising back up. Also what can I do to stand out more? I went to several events an organization had including a interest meeting but it seems like that wasn't enough to make it obvious that I want to join their org.Please help,
    thank you,

  6. The best way to stand out is to join several organizations on campus, and achieving leadership roles in these organizations. But real talk, if you are in your senior year in college and you are concerned about your GPA, I would HIGHLY suggest that you focus on your grades. Trust me, the greek orgs will still be there after you graduate.

    Good luck to you!