Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Not Black,,,Can I still join a Black Greek Org????

I decided to write about non-African-Americans that have desires of joining African-American Sororities/Fraternities. Now sure I will say that ALL organizations state that they do NOT discriminate against race. I will also however say that ALL votes are confidential, AND FINAL!

Everyone has their own opinion about non-blacks joining traditionally Black Greek Organizations. I remember reading an article in Ebony about this issues a few years back. The people in the article stated how they get love from some of their members, however other members snub them simply because they are not Black. Some feel that race should NOT be an issue, and we as members should only focus on their credentials and qualifications. I agree with this 100% Others feel that they should join their own orgs since there are plenty of Whites, Latina/o, Asians, etc.. orgs out there where they will feel more "comfortable hanging around their own kind." I remember there was this one girl, she was Mexican that wanted sooooo desperately to join a Black Sorority. She had a banging GPA (3.9) tons of community service, she attended all of their events, was president of various organizations etc. She tried THREE times and still was not chosen. She secretly told me that she felt it was her race, and that this particular chapter would never pick her because she was not Black. She never knew that I KNEW personally that she was right. I had friends in this chapter and they told me the day they pick a non-black person to join is the day hell will freeze over.

So we were having A Greek only event, and this discussion came up. One particular sorority stated that their chapter will NEVER choose someone who is non-black. Some of my very own sorors agreed. I was shocked by this. Think of all of the headaches we went through to get accepted to become a part of organizations that would NOT accept us purely because of the color of our skin. Aren't we hypocrites to deny someone else based on their color? Their arguments were "Well that's precisely whey WE created our own because they would not let us join" Well that may be true to some point, but that was clearly YEARS ago...*Hellooooo, Alpha Phi Alpha just celebrated 103 years* and it's not fair to punish those who had NOTHING to do with the ignorance of how we as Blacks were treated WAY back then.

Okay sure there are plenty of organizations out there for people to join that represents their race, BUT I feel if a person is interested in joining a traditionally Black Organization, then obviously they feel that this particular organization is better for them.

My advice to all of you out there that want to join, FIGHT FOR IT. I have a lot of sorors who are NOT Black, and I know plenty of non-blacks in other Black Greek orgs as well. Will everyone be accepting towards you? NO! I have seen people not give a non-black person a hug, the dap, or embrace the simply because of the color of their skin. To me, this just shows their ignorance, and I can't tolerate ignorant people. Just know that there are tons of people out there that will embrace you.


  1. Why are Divine Nine's so secretive? I know you arent supposed to tell anyone which sorority or fraternity you are interested in, but how are we to get info on the process? I am very interested in AKA though I am white. I have been interested in it since about 15. I refuse to join any other sorority, but I dont understand what all I need to do or have for rush. Also what is the difference between intake and rush, or is there a difference?

  2. That has been the nature of Divine Nine Organization since the beginning of time. The best way to get info is to attend events, if not all most of the events. Rush/Intake are synonymous with each other. My best friend just became an AKA and she is Caucasian. I was so proud of her. Good luck!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am not black; I am Asian loving life in a predominantly African American city. However, becoming a Delta is near and dear to me because I love what the sorority stands for: the community; the five-point thrust; the SISTERHOOD. I am awaiting acceptance for my PhD admission this fall, and I am praying that I will be invited to join the grad/alumnae chapter in my city.

    Thank you again, and God bless and keep you!

  4. This is a really late response to this post. But in light of the behaviour of 'white' greek fraternities and PWI who have been videotaped and caught blatantly being racist. Do you still have the same view now as you did 6 years ago?

    1. That would be generalization to take the actions of a few chapters of some organizations and label all of them with that attitude. That is exactly what this writer is talking against. It is ignorant to say that one person's actions, wether a week ago, or 50 years ago, and to staple that behavior onto a whole group of people. That's why it is insane, ignorant, hypocritical, and just completely idiotic to have a historically black organization and not allow any person not of african america descent to join. That is literally the definition of racism.

  5. Thank you for this article. I am a white Sigma. I pledged Phi Beta Sigma in Fall 1985. There was at least one of my frat that didn't like me being white but most everyone was accepting and I have been enriched in my life because of it. I actually hadn't met another white brother until last year 2014. LOL I find it very interesting that reading other discussions that many people want equal treatment but they don't want to treat others equally themselves. Peace everyone!

  6. Why let them join we should have our own things never forget the past or it will repeat ie: interracial relationships ie : white people and dashikis ie: black hair come on now