Monday, July 20, 2009


I have seen a lot of questions on about general questions about organizations. People, I beg you, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!! When I decided to join my Delta, I did SO much research on the organization. There is TONS of information on the National Website of this Organization! I will include them here.

Alpha Phi Alpha -
Alpha Kappa Alpha -
Kappa Alpha Psi -
Omega Psi Phi -
Delta Sigma Theta -
Phi Beta Sigma -
Zeta Phi Sigma -
Sigma Gamma Rho-
Iota Phi Theta-

Although there are four sororities, and five fraternities, each of them is very different. I tell people ALL the time when choosing an org you want to make sure you choose the one that is BEST for you!

I would also recommend purchasing history books as well. A few that come to mind are:

For Delta - In Search of Sisterhood by my Soror Paula G. Giddings! This is an AMAZING book that focuses on when our organization was founded, why my sorors who were once ALL AKAs decided to resign from the organization and start their own. There is a ton of information in this book, and I bought this book when I knew I wanted to be a Delta my Junior Year in HS. When I finished reading, I was on 10! I knew that I wanted to be among these amazing women who believed in Scholarship, Sisterhood, and Service!!!

I would also recommend purchasing "The Black Sorority Project" DVD! The BSP was created by the same people that made "Stomp the Yard". (They are both members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.) This is a MUST SEE! I was moved when I saw the screening of this movie and the men did an EXCELLENT JOB! I was also pleased to meet my soror Nikki Giovanni, who spoke at the screening of this project. The website to purchase this DVD is Check it OUT!!!! If you do buy this DVD, please hit me up after you see it and give me your thoughts.

For Other Greek Organizations (Delta included), I would recommend The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities by Lawrence C. Ross! This is an EXCELLENT read for people that want to join organizations. It breaks down the History, has fabulous old school Greek pictures, and gives a lot of insight into the Greek community.

I would HIGHLY suggest that you stay away from books that talk about "Wanna Learn the Secrets of XYZ Sorority? Then purchase this book right now!" These books were written for one reason make $$$. These books  PREY on people that are interested in Greek Life! There is NO truth to the information in these books!  Even if the information WAS correct, it takes away from the process of learning about your greek org when going through the Membership Intake Process. Also, look at this way, once you become a member, wouldn't you be ANGRY if someone bought a book with all of your secrets? Secrets that you worked for? That you've earned? Just think about it! But like I said before, most of these books are full of LIES! I know because I have read the Delta Book it was wrong, and my Husband who is an Alpha told me that the stuff they have written in their book is wrong as well. So please beware and STAY AWAY!

With that being said, I would also recommend that you do your research on the chapter history as well. In this day and age, most chapters have websites. Knowing the National History is just the first step, you also want to the chapter history.


  1. Hello I just wanted to start by saying I really and truly enjoy your blogs. I appreciate the effort you give and every post is extremely helpful. I am not currently a Delta but I have high hopes of becoming one. I just ordered both of the books you've suggested but for some reason I can not find The Black Sorority Project. Have the producers taken it off of the web permanently? Do you know if there is anywhere I can watch it online and/or order it?

    1. Here's the movie The Black Sorority Project. I found it on YouTube

  2. I bought the D9: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities, this book has some good valid points. The Search of Sisterhood is very good, it gives a lot of information on the history of Delta. I have read this book three times and each time I read it just makes me so proud of what those women did. I wish the author of The Search of Sisterhood would update the book with information from the years of 76-100.

  3. Will you PLEASE go into detail about an incomplete packet. What IS considered incomplete and what is not?

    1. Incomplete:you do not have enough community service hours, the Soror who wrote your letter of recommendation is not financial, your GPA is too low, you submitted your packet after the deadline...could be anything....