Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greek Stereotypes......

This blog will be short and sweet!

Not All Alphas are Bookworms
Not all AKAs are stuck up and have their heads in the mirror all day.
Not all Kappas are pretty boys
Not all Ques are Nasty Boys and Wild
Not all Delta's are Down to Earth
Not all Sigmas are Rejects
Not all Zetas are Big, and/or Country
Not all Sigma Gamma Rhos are Rejects
Not all Iotas are Lame.

These are the stereotypes that Greek organizations have faced for many, many years. Just because the Zetas on your campus is popular does NOT mean they are the most popular sorority across the country. The same can be said about all Greeks. We all come in many shapes, sizes and colors. We also ALL have different personalities. I remember my cousin saying that she wanted to be an AKA, but one of her friends told her that she couldn't because of how she looked. She was afraid that she was "too dark" with short hair. (She's only 12). We went over to the computer, and I googled AKA and she was surprised to see that they came in different skin color, shapes and sizes.

So please don't buy into stereotypes!


  1. Hello! I have been reading so many articles you have posted on this blog, and I recently read this one, and "Which Greek Org Should I Join?" I am a freshman attempting to put myself out there, and when I first came to college I knew I wanted to be a Delta. I have family that's Delta, and I had never really looked to AKA's. However, from many on campus I encountered that I was the "stereotype" AKA. I do tend to have friendly, outgoing, girly girl personality. But at the same time aren't there Deltas that are the same way?

    Also, I have the ongoing dilemma of not wanting to be a Delta anymore due to finding myself getting along better with the AKAs on campus. They are more friendly and open to me, and while I have attended Delta events and have gotten along with them...I never have really encountered them other than at their events. Also, on this campus I have realized the Deltas do not embody the class, and devastating "DIVAS" I have known them for...they tend to be more "hood." Some of them could even be considered "ghetto." However, not all of them are like that.

    I have come to the conclusion of waiting until the new line comes out to see who exactly will be on this line and if I can connect with them more during their Delta Week that is coming up in two weeks. Especially since I do not want to join until next year.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I have taken others opinions into consideration but clearly my friends and family are biased. So anything you have to say will most definitely help.



    1. Hey Martine, I myself am on my way to being a Senior in College, and I as well would like to pledge Delta. Although I have waivered when doing my research, and asked myself could you ever be a RHO, Zeta, or even an AKA. I said yes, but at the end of the day my heart would be with Delta. It's something I've always dreamed about, loved, imagined, sit in class and cant get it out of my mind. Find what you you love and cant get out of your mind.
      Even if the K's are nice to you, and the Delta's are harder to approach it may just be the exterior. As you said, You are bubbly and more outgoing, but don't base those traits on picking a sorority. Again I say find what you love because its a commitment forever. Your family will love you even if they don't agree with your decision, it's the fact that you have chosen something that you feel suits you as a whole, not just because you fit a stereotype.

      Hope this was helpful,


    2. Hi Deonne,

      It's crazy how much I have changed in a new year...but I do appreciate the input and new perspective! I actually made the decision during the spring semester of my freshman year to continue to express interest in Delta!

      I believe that my biggest fault was listening to what others thought was best for me. Anyways, hope all is well on your end! Thanks for the help!


  2. As quiet as its keep Delta's and AKA's have a lot in common, more in common then they know themselves. For years AKA's and Delta's have been at each other's throats in competition with each other, well if you are alike that can happen. A long time ago there was a split with the AKA's, something happened not sure what but whatever the real reason was, it may have been taken to the grave. The AKA's who left the sorority founded the Delta's, so naturally they could not go to far in being different. Basically the only difference between AKA's, Delta's, Zeta's and Gamma's are the colors, letters and emblems. However, AKA's and Delta's are pretty much one in the same. I know that most Delta's and AKA's don't want to hear this and will disagree, that's fine....and keep fighting each other for another 100 years. Now this is not meant to offend anyone, and I do not condom actual fighting or aurging between sororities, as a matter of fact, it's unheard of for any sorority girl to do such a thing. Always remember, Greeks are all role models, rather you want to be or not.