Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sorority Sisters.........

So there's this show......on VH1.....called Sorority Sisters.   A lot of people asked me if I heard of the show. YES! Have I seen the Show? YES! Do I support the show? Uh, NO!

When I first heard about this show it was last summer....actually, let me rewind, it was further than that. I remember when there was a casting call for women who were members of the Divine Nine. I must admit that my curiosity got the best of me. When I found it Mona Scott-Young was behind it, I  knew it was going to be a ghetto hot mess. I actually thought there is no way in the world, an ACTIVE-FINANCIAL member of any sorority would be a part of this. BOY WAS I WRONG. When the trailer was released last summer, the Divine Nine members came a blazin! Someone created a petition, and in a matter of days, over 40k signatures (mine's included) was collected.

Mona went as far as trying to bring her cast to AGP (Atlanta Greek Picnic) but the organizers shut her down. The next thing I knew, the trailer was pulled from the internet, and it seemed as if sorority sisters would not see the light of day. YES! I was happy, people in geekdom was happy and all was well with the world.

Then about three weeks ago, it appeared again.  This time, a longer trailer was released. This time they had a premier date. When I watched the trailer I was mortified! Deltas' arguing with other Deltas. AKAs and Deltas arguing, cussing each other out and not getting along, etc. This isn't what SISTERHOOD is about. This show is NOT a representation of what GreekLife is about. If it was, TRUST ME, I would NOT have became a member of ANY sorority.

I watched the first episode so I could judge for MYSELF how it would be. I was hoping for the best, but I was wrong.  I couldn't even watch the entire episode, so I flipped the channel.  (I hate I gave them 10 or so mins of my time) A few mins later a soror on FB invited me to an event on Facebook  "Do NOT watch Sorority Sisters, and I invited every soror and Greek on my page to join. Although I did not watch the entire episode,  according to my Facebook feed, the show was just as bad as  LAHHNY and LAHHATL. I cringed because they didn't even TRY to disguise that these women were members of these organizations. I heard that they wore the colors, did their hand signs, did the call, and the at every time they did a confessional, their name appeared at the bottom of the screen, they made a point to state the FULL NAME of their Greek letter organization.  I was mortified, confused, angry, and embarrassed. What made this worse, is most of these women were in their early 30's late 40s. Just a few of them were in their late 20's. WHO ACTS like this at this age????? WHO? It was embarrassing on so many levels.

Mona Scott-Young and VH1 made a mockery of these organizations that was founded on scholarship, SISTERHOOD, and service.

The only thing this ghetto of a hot-mess show did was unite the BGLOs even closer together. Since VH1 did not hear us, (They came out with a statement that they will not be shutting the show down) then we decided to boycott the advertisers who advertised during the show. Our efforts have worked so far. To date we have 41 advertisers who have promised not to air their commercials during Sorority Sisters. I had tons of people inboxing me, and tweeting me about my opinion of the show. I told them NOT TO WATCH, and expressed my concerns about how it was not a good look for greek life in general.   We may not be able to shut the show down THIS season, but I am hoping that this will be the LAST season they will have sorority sisters.

So do me a favor, please let's all stand together (rather if you are Greek or not) and BOYCOTT Sorority Sisters.


  1. Hello and Greetings, to my Dear BGLO Sister. I am a Dovely Lady of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, INcoporated. I have been inactive for a couple of years, but will be Reclaiming this year.

    Thank you for your blog. I encountered it just about an hour, ago, while researching some info. I have read through some of the posts, and consider this a very relevant contribution to BGLO communication.

    I would like to make a brief comment, with regard to the VH1 show, "Sorority Sisters." I, personally, am NOT a fan of "reality" television shows, although I have watched a few to form my own opinion. They just simply are NOT reality; perhaps, TELEVISION reality, button in Life as most of us experience it. This show is just another example of that, and in my opinion, does NOT accurately represent Black Greek Life, as a whole. Even if these types of rigs occurred within organizations or chapters, those are "Family" matters not to be aired in such a public forum. Whether hype for the cameras or real situations, the show's content is exactly what it was meant to be ~ DRAMA!!!

    I, honestly, did not think the show had actually aired, until I recently read about the two (2) ladies on the show, who had been suspended from their organizations. Then tonight, I run across your blog, and this discussion. I feel about this the same at I feel about going on "Maury," or any show of the same genre: If I cannot discuss the matter in my OWN kingdom, I am definitely not going on public television to discuss the matter in the kingdoms of MILLIONS! ~Lady J.! :-)

  2. Sorry about the typos from "auto~correct." Should read:

    *BUT NOT in Life...
    *types of RIFFS
    *discuss the matter in my OWN LIVINGROOM...