Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's Next? (Steps of Becoming a Member)

The number one question that I receive from people who have emailed me, or commented on my blog who want to go Greek (Both Men and Women) are "What are the next steps"? "What else should I be doing?" Since I receive this question a lot, I figured I would focus my next blog around it.

High GPA? Check

Community Service Hours? Check

Letters verifying community service on the Company's Letterhead? Check!

Letter(s) of Recommendation (if required by the organization of your choice) Check!

Allowing Sorority Members/Fraternity members to get know you? Check!

Getting involved on your college Campus? Check

Researching the Organization of your choice? Check

Letter of Interest to the Organization? Check

Attending if not all, most of the organization's events? Check

Rush or Informational Suit/Dress? Check

Interview Dress/Suit? Check

Money Saved up in the Bank for Membership Intake if selected? Check

Expressing your interest to a member if you feel comfortable or know them personally? Check

Carrying yourself in a respectful way on campus at all times? Check

If you can go through this list, and check EVERYTHING off, then there is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing else you need to do! (If however there are other things you will be instructed on what else is needed at the organization's Rush/Informational).

The list I provided above are things that you can check off to insure a possible successful chance to membership. Why do I say possible? Because most of these organization STILL requires that the chapter votes on who they want to extend an invitation to membership. The one thing that I tell ALL perspective members, is no matter what organization you apply for, you want to be SO on point with your Packet/GPA that you WANT them will have a HARD time NOT selecting you for membership.

Once again, I need to stress that even if you are able to check everything off of this list, it does NOT guarantee you an invitation, but it will put you in a greater position of getting selected for membership. So what if you have everything on this list above, is there anything you should be doing in the meantime? I would say other than focusing on school there is nothing you can do. Oh wait, I would advise that you become approachable, and talkative/helpful at their events. Since most organization requires a vote, you want to make sure they know you right? Now speaking at an event, or volunteering for one of their community service events is one thing. Stalking them however is another! Remember, although we are Greek, we like you are students as well. We have to study, in some cases work, AND we have sorority/fraternity business to tend to. So the BEST way to get to know us is if you have a class together, if we are involved in other organizations on campus together, OR by just attending our events.

Image is another important factor. Look at this way....Take a good look in the mirror. Are you considered the class clown? The biggest flirt? The campus gossip? The loud mouth? A Drunk? If you see the men on campus dressed very nicely, and you have your pants saggin, do you think you fit that mold? If the sorority girls on campus dress classy, and you always wear things that are either too short, too tight, do you think you would fit in nicely? When you go to a party, are you the girl always grinding against multiple men? Is every other word out of mouth a four-letter word? Now this all sounds like common sense right? Well I thought so, until I personally have encountered some people who wanted to join my organization, but portrayed bad public behavior. And when they didn't get selected for membership they were dumbfounded! Imagine that! One particular female had a 3.6 GPA, and tons of community service, but she was known on campus as the "campus whore." Surely NO organization wants to extend an invitation to someone of this statue. Why? Because once she joins, then the entire organization could possible be known as that.

I ask people all the time (both men and women) what attracts you to the organization of your choice? Do they have the highest GPAs? Did they receive Chapter of the Year? Do they handle themselves like gentlemen/ ladies on campus? If so, then wouldn't you think that they would want to keep the same image with the next line?

I hope this answers your question about what are the next steps! As I said before, following these steps will not guarantee you membership, however it will give you the tools and you can use it as a guide to reach your goal.

(And for all of you undergraduates who don't make it the first couple of times.....Remember.....There's always the Alumnae/Alumni level)

Good luck to you on your quest to Greekland....A Wonderful Place to live!

Ciao for now!


  1. Thanks for a great blog! Would you mind posting on how this list would change for those interested in alumnae chapters?

    I'll be attending my second social event and just attended my first seminar, and am hoping to become a familiar face. Is it a good idea to stick around after events for a little? I really don't want to come across as a stalker!

  2. The list I posted can be used for both College Undergrads and Alumnae!

  3. I want to say thank you for all the helpful info that you have provided for aspirants such as myself. I still have a few more questions and attempted to send you an email through the email address you provided but I do understand that you are a busy person and may not be able to answer all private messages; therefore I will just ask here......
    For 12 long years my heart has been set on becoming a member of this illustrious sorority. HOWEVER, I have ran into so many obstacles along the way which have resulted in me still hoping and praying this very day for my time to become a member. I graduated undergrad with less than a 2.75 but have since received a Masters with a 3.6 GPA. Will the organization look at my graduate GPA since it was the last degree I received? Also, I have constantly attended events that the sorority hosts and have volunteered to help with an upcoming pageant they are hosting in February. Over the years I have volunteered at several different places which included local schools, our local Veteran's Hospital, and other programs through my place of employment. I have not been as involved over the past two years because I took a pause to complete my Masters and have two more beautiful babies. I continued to voluneer in other programs with my job during this time though. Now I am ready to get back into volunteering full force. Will the organization look at my volunteer work over the course of 'X'amount of years? Or will the organization just look at the fact that I have volunteered, period? I guess I'm a little worried because I slowed down on my volunteering. And as I mentioned before, I work in a specific program through my job but I volunteer to help other programs within the agency after hours. Will the organization allow this type of volunteer work since it is through my place of employment? Thank you for all the answers that you will be able to provide.

  4. If your gpa satisfies national requirements but falls short of the chapeters requirements will they still allow you to have an interview even if you have more than enough community service, good recommendations and they see that you attend each one of their events religiously? Will they work with me and give me a chance or will they just disregard that and deny me memebership?

  5. I can't dance, I have the bare minimum of rhythm. I know sororities do much more than step but the stepping aspect is the part that scares me. I feel like I have all of the rest of the criteria on "lock" i just don't want my lack of dancing/stepping abilities to hinder my ability to join. As a member, do you have to step? May seem like a silly question but it really is bothering me.

  6. I am happy to report that after following the steps I just got the call of a lifetime! Thank you, Thank You, THANK!YOU! See you on the other side in a few months! I will reveal myself then.

    Thank you again Dablest_1

  7. This really is a nice post; however, it does not help you all the time. I have tried to become a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. twice. (I actually just received a rejection letter.) I have done all of the steps mentioned above. But, at the end of the day, these steps are only useful with certain colleges and chapters. Being chosen for membership does not always boils down to your credentials, reputation, or even what you have to offer. It comes down to politics and, simply, whether the members like you as a person or not. And that was told to me by members of the organization!! I type this for one reason only...know what chapter you are trying to join.

  8. To the above poster, you have a point. There is politics in all walks of life, so welcome to the real world my friend. I agree that some chapters are pickier/pett-i-er...(I made up those words) than others, but it is, what it is. If Delta is in your heart than you try, try and continue to try till you make it. I tired out for Alpha Kappa Alpha 3 times (Sophomore-Senior Year) and I was not picked. Seven years later, I finally fullfilled my dream! If you are so quick to give up, maybe you didn't want it bad enough.

  9. I never stated that I wanted to give up. I simply stated what I have experienced.

  10. Hello I am looking to join a fraternity and I feel that I would bring plenty to offer not only to this particular fraternity but to the world around me as a whole. I have taken my time to research the frat, the requirements, and much more. The ONLY thing I find myself to have trouble with is by far the most important, my GPA. Its not that I dont try hard enough but more that im just having trouble adjusting to college. Im only entering my sophomore year and my GPA is a 2.25 and the required GPA is a 2.5. Should I be worried or just be patient and get used to college?