Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Future WHAT??????

(Shirts for Babies, and Toddlers are okay,,,, But NOT for middle-school and high school students.)

For the life of me I really don't get the whole "Future Greek" Phenomenal. Think about when you were trying to pledge,,,,,You worked HARD for those letters, especially those of you that were either first generation to attend college, or the first person in your family to pledge a Greek Letter Organization. So why would you feel that your daughter or son is entitled of becoming a member of your organization simply because you are? If they are babies, then sure it's cute, when they get older, I don't think it's so cute. I never liked Future Greek Shirts because it sets the child up for failure. Now purchasing "My Mom is a ......My Dad is a......I can get with that, because they are simply acknowledging the fact that their parent, aunt, etc is Greek, but to say Future? No, not a good look!

What you are doing is installing entitlement issues in your children. Shirts such as these simply say that no matter what the chapter vote says, as long as I meet the bare requirements, I am entitled to be a member of this BGLO simply because my Mom/Dad is a member. It can also backfire, because while you are dressing up in your beloved organization, They may grow up and join a completely different organization. I did! Although I wasn't aware at the time when I was a child, my family consists of nothing but the Blue and White (And I mean there are TONS of them) however when the time came for me to choose the best organization for me, I choose Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Imagine attending a family reunion and they pull out those old baby pics and seeing you in a "future" shirt as you are rocking the Tee shirt of the organization you actually pledge?

What really gets my blood boiling is seeing Teenagers rocking "Future Shirts" as well. It's one thing to have on a ones-y being a toddler, but come on now, she is driving around with a Future shirt on? REALLY???? That is really setting him/her up for failure, and honestly it's not a good look! Look I get it, we are living in a day and age where it's almost impossible to find a Line where there is not at least one female with a child, which is why I decided to write this blog. So if you are on the quest to join a BGLO and you have a child, PLEASE do not dress them in Future shirts if you are able to join. You will get a lot of "side eye" looks from your sorors. TRUST ME!

Stay Tuned:

Next Blog Post will discussed "My Mother Is, My Friend is, etc....To wear or not to wear is the question..... Hmmm.....



  1. Thanks for the new posts. I've been coming to your site weekly waiting for something new. Love the site and the advice

  2. Future Greek??? I love it, I think it gives these young people something to look forward to. Enough young men and women run around half naked or with their pants hanging to the ground. The bible says some people will only see GOD thorough you.

    Some children at the child's school may not know what the Greek letters stand for and they may be inspired.

    These Greek organizations are institutions of distinction. They are difficult to get into and an privilege to be a part of. Condensing looks and snickers at a child are childish. Any soror too snooty to see that it is only a shirt should be ashamed of themselves.

    The devil is on his job 24 hours a day trying to steal our children's souls. If a child can wear a shirt with a marijuana plant, Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj on it, I see nothing wrong with my daughter wearing a "Future AKA" shirt